go reward yourself right now

Discussion in 'General' started by igotammo, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. with the arbys 5 for 5 deal the arbys q is amazing and mozz sticks are fucking key so go get it
  2. Ill have 5 curly fries
  3. turkey breast from subway with grilled mozzarella, jalapeños, lettuce, banana peppers, with lite mayo is ftw.
  4. subway is disgusting... used to work there for a year. never had an arby's.
  5. No dude, McDonalds is nasty. Worked there in high school, haven't eaten there since. Over 20 yrs. of avoided a place after seeing some of the things that went on. Any case, I'm going to reward myself with another hit of the bong. Damn I needed a day off.
  6. I don't consider heavily processed nastiness, especially in my stomach, to be a reward. Maybe it's just me.
  7. havent had fast food in quite a while. i go to this farmers market everysunday and buy the shit i need. its pretty fucking cheap, and i have the best recipe for trail mix ( oh trust me, tis dank, tis dank)
  8. yeah dude its a great ass deal.

    i mean really its enough for two people.

    damn 250 for like 2 sandwiches and half of a curly friessss.:smoking:
  9. Fast food kicks ass. Quit being so self-righteous and let us enjoy our Arby's 5 for 5.
  10. please, do tell.
  11. ^^^^ at the end of the day, when the place closes you gotta clean the stove thing. it makes me sick just to think of all the grease that thing collects throughout the course of the day. you need a fuckload of some special acid to make that thing clean again. thats not even the worst part. oh fuck, i just remembered the smell. THAT is nasty.
  12. i have rewarded myself, and i thank you
    you are a god among men, kind sir.
  13. i stay away from fast food burgers as much as possible, and fried fast food
  14. MMMMMM beef brisket sandwich
  15. Quiznoes ftw

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