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Go On SeshRoulette!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DMX, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. Ima be on there for an hour or 2 probally tonight starting now. Theres only like 10 users cmon guys start blazing to this.
  2. seshroulette is the shit, and there should be a lot of more users, but this thread will probably get closed for advertising or something :eek:

    think of how heat it could be though, cops starting to go on there, writing down ip addresses, giving them to your local branch or something, then just fucking you :mad:
  3. I've been doing 1 star = bong hit on stickam (un: it's always 4:20)
    I'll check out this site tonight.
  4. Yeah i feel you. But im fucked up and all alone... And I am having a nice sesh and want to blaze with some people with out having to deal wit da bullshit feel me.
  5. I feel like awkward smoking in front of people on over a camera. hahah oh well it's alright
  6. Go on n blaze one with me
  7. I will but its not bringing up any video box.
  8. I'm on it too haha
  9. lol
    I think I was just on with you. :smoke:
  10. I'll head there soon, people still on?
  11. there was like 6 people on there, and one of them was just a chair sitting there.
  12. Thats awesome thanks for sharing. Who knows its a new site maybe it will take off.....
  13. I was on last night for a while lol. I did probaly smoke with a few of you.
  14. If only my webcam worked lol.
  15. more people need to get on
  16. This x1000!!!! idk... i just get a weird feeling with people seeing me through my webcam... Like who else is watching?? lol And my webcam doesn't do me justice, i am way more handsome than i look through a webcam! :smoke:
  17. I'll be on later when I reup
  18. this wont get closed i doubt because grasscity advertises on that site.
  19. Was just about to say that this is a sick site unfourtanetly i dont have bud at the moment. Tonight ill grab like a 20 sack and maybe some of you guy i can blaze with.:smoke:
  20. I'm on and all I see is some white guy with short blonde hair, if that's someone on GC i'll blaze!!!

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