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Go Here!! Go Here!! Watch The Commercials!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Sep 20, 2002.

  1. Laugh

  2. Hahahahhahahaahhahahalol
  3. LOL Good one Norm
  4. lmao! thats great stuff. ..and I wind up walking funny for a day or two....aaahhahahahaha.

  5. EXACTLY?!?!?!!?

    how did you know?
  6. I can get inside your mind Norm......
  7. long as you dont touch anything, i suppose its fine..
  8. Hmm... you'll have to ask very nicely... this piece here looks valuable. I could take it and sell it....

    ...what will you give me to prevent this? Gold??? Jewels??? Or perhaps your soul....?
  9. Hmm... very well... *takes the cereal bar and continues his exploration*......
  10. sure to press the 'HIGH' button, if you find it...oh..and watch out for the old naked women that run around in there from time to time

    and DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES WHATSOEVER open that small box in the dark corner surrounded by spiderwebs and 10 headed not...
  11. But I want toooo!!! *cries*
  12. i wouldnt advise you do such a thing
  13. *brushes away the cobwebs*

    *slays the hydra... with a herring*


    *dodges the naked granny*


    Aha!! The booty!

    *llifts the box*

    Shall I????????????
  14. Oh.. sorry Norm...

    *pushes the button labeled HIGH*

    ...there ya go.
  15. *flops around spastically, due to the fact that he hasnt been high in a month, and, does not know why he is high, seeing as how he hasnt smoked anything to get there, the simple concept of the "cause" being taken out of "cause and effect" leaving only "effect" causes the mind to go into flop drive, as tho one were walking around and had an orgasm, without sex, nor masturbation, therefore no cause, only effect....what a trip that would be*


  16. LOL!, thats gotta be a joke right?
  17. i dont joke, its against my religion
  18. masturbation is priceless.


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