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Go here and vote yes on the poll!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by RMJL, Aug 9, 2003.

  1. awesome, its like 92% vs 8%. i voted yes, of course :D

  2. I thought I was going to have to hunt you down. :)
  3. i voted yes its at 92%
  4. thats sooo sweet, too bad the people in charge dont look at this more, hope one day it IS decriminalised
  5. I voted no! Cause marijuana is evil! It will corrupt kids and cause riots and kill puppies! Devil weed!
  6. I vote yes...
  7. I voted no. im for real..

  8. it does!?!?! ooo thats why the cops are after me....DUH :rolleyes:

  9. You're a bad, bad girl, Sensi!

  10. Sorry Sensi.. I know you are wanting RMJL to hunt you down............. But I do believe that I will be the one who shows up on your door step!!!!!!!
  11. It's now 91% to 9%..............
  12. I put in my vote the other day.
    I actually caught the program on CNN the other day when they announced the poll results.
  13. that was a big affirmative. some 91% yay, 9% nay. lol
  14. i voted no...


    i voted no...

    just playin ;)
  15. I just got this new email about the poll:

    People are STILL voting NO. The CNN poll concerning the decriminalization is still open.

    Go to, follow the link to CNN TV. And go to Lou Dobbs.

    or try and follow the following link:

    If you read the transcripts from his 5 part series on the 'Forgotten War', you will see that CNN agrees that the "Drug War" is not working. If you watched the last two shows, you will also get the impression that CNN is on our Governments side on this issue. They treated the issue with kids gloves and pushed the 'Just Say NO' program started by Nancy Reagan. I know I sent 5 or 6 e-mails on this subject, but it is very important that we take the time to vote and spread the word for others to vote.
    I posted messages on every friendly Yahoo Group I could find trying to get people to vote. If we can show that over 90% of the people polled agree with the decriminalization of marijuana, maybe CNN will do another report on the Drug War, but this time they will invite our allies to speak and not the first Drug Czar, Mr. Bennet, or our Current Drug Czar, Mr. Walters.

    Also, if you go and vote, don't forget to leave a comment. CNN was really impressed by the overwhelming number of comments that spoke against the Drug War. If you read the transcripts you will see what I mean.

    Please don't be angry for receiving another e-mail on this poll. I waited at least 24 hours before reminding everyone. And during that 24 hour period, we lost another percentage point. The poll now shows that only 91% of the people agree with the decriminalization of marijuana. If you understand the laws of mathematics and percentages, we need 10 yes votes to each No vote to hold above 90%. The longer CNN keeps this poll running, the worse it looks for us.

    Please vote YES!!! Because I know people are still voting NO.

    a man with good intentions who is trying to get his voice heard by CNN.

  16. Seriously, guys...if you don't mind. Keep voting! We really need the vote to stay over 90% for us. We all fucking rock around here and can do anything that we set out to do. This is just one small difference we can make but every difference adds up and one day we can all say that we saved the world.

    I love you guys! I know I can count on you!!! :D
  17. Other fuckers are voting no.
  18. it still wont let me vote. :mad: it comes up with that error 400 thingy every time.

    i wanna vote. :(
  19. I just voted again. You suck, Digit!

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