Go by breeder advertised times?

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  2. Usually you wanna harvest based on the maturity of the trichromes. Get a magnifying glass or a jewelers loop and get a nice close look at em.

    I usually harvest when mine are 30-40% amber to cloudy
  3.  when would i start flushing to hit that optimal point in trichrome ratio? when all cloudy or 10 % amber?
  4. That'll work just fine.
    10% amber. Sorry.
  5. Another mistake is counting time from start of 12/12 instead of when buds first show. Mayor nailed the q already though, he is always ting me to the punch. I personally believe little that the breeder has to say, as wild claims seem to be common practice. If they all simply stopped using wild claims growers wouldn't have and crushed when they figure out its advertising bs. We need to band together as consumers and tell these people we won't support the outright lies they are selling by backing people who give us honest answers. Instead we buy into the hype and avoid companies that give us real numbers. I hope as Mary Jane gets more legit better standards will arise and we can come to listen to the seller's information on their products. I mean really who is getting 800g in a m2 I would love to see these growers, the best growers I see in here aren't pulling these numbers so where the fuck do they get their numbers?
    Totally agree with you here.  While I read all the breeder propaganda, I don't put much weight into it.  I have grown enough strains to have an idea what I like (sativa), but I still like to try new strains.  Reading smoke reports can be helpful as they often contain useful information like actual flowering times, production amounts, strength, etc.  Sometimes people will include if the strain can take a large amount of nutes or if it is sensitive to nutes.  I wish there were more smoke reports to be honest, I really enjoy reading them :bongin:
  7. thanks guys will be putting the ladies under the microscope when it comes!
  8. Start with government and work your way down to the seed dealers would ya?
  9. The government has little to do with this, we certainly don't need them with their hands in the market. Government never fixed a problem ever, they are in fact are the problem. We don't need to change government simply correct the market. I know it's a wild dream but by not supporting the false claims made by breeders by not buying their products it would quickly wake them up to better business practices. Free market is great because the consumers as a group hold the power. Government regulations only lead to higher prices, and corruption.
    I also understand you were taking a shot at my comments. It should not be unreasonable to force the breeder industry to simply give us good information on their product. If we could find a way to attack their wallets they would quickly get the message we are tried of getting lied to and ripped off as consumers in the Mary Jane industry. From light companies to nutrient makers to seed breeders who have all taken advantage of the quasi legal industry in which they operate.

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