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go assassin guy, go!

Discussion in 'General' started by Mr_Criminal, Aug 17, 2003.

  1. If you like weapons, gratuitous violence, or multiplayer first person shooter games, you might appreciate this. Even if you aren't into any of those things, check it out, it's neat. I love the physics displayed in it.. Ignore the porn around it (or don't), and watch the video..!
  2. :D :D I just watched it again.. my favorite part is where he throws the pistol and hits the guy in the face. Then dodges the shotgun blast and picks someone up as a human body shield..
  3. hilarious. especielly loved the "do you feel lucky punk" sequence. and without dialogue. great!!

    best flash movie i've seen since the "english lesson" that you'll find a link to somewhere around in the humour section.

    thanks :D

    edit: http://www.littlemikey.com/properenglish.htm
  4. duuuude i been watching that thing for a while now... never thought to post it here hehe
    its fuckin great tho... that music cracks me up EVERYTIME it starts up.

    heres a dvd-like flash animation. it follows "life" as it travels thru the cycle of life. very abstract and great music and its pretty long. http://www.industrialartistry.com/ia-anim/IA-Anim.htm click the blue pic with the red dot in it

    oh yes... watch it stoned duhh
  5. god that guy was like arnold-rambo-47-ninja-mr.t-bruce lee rolled in one neat cross faced guy!
  6. thats was a funny ass flash movie.... only thing i found it hard to concentrate.... musta been all the boobs around the flash box, haha

    nice movie, nice rack....
  7. I let my cousin watch it and he was all "go assassin dude go". Then when Jesus shoots him he was like "awwwwwww.." seriously disappointed that he didn't complete his mission. lol.
  8. wassup. old thread, huh? wel look what i found, more of the lil assassin guy!
    go assassin guy go!

    i love the little dude in the background just dancing away like there's no tomorrow.. :D
  9. so i'm on a quest to find cartoon like people messing eachother up. and god damn. check this out. this lil stick figure guy MESSES some people up..!! it's pretty cool:
    check out xiao xiao 3 first, that's the one i'm talking about.
    and hey digit check out xiao xiao 1, at the end of it the guy is using a bo, you know, like kilik from soul calibur.. he does some moves kilik does.. ! neato. :D

    hey guys i found more madness. there's even a game where you can go on your own killing spree!!! i'm about to download it. check it out.

    hey do any of you guys know how to go about making movies like that? where to start?

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