go ahead take the free marijuana quiz at free vibe its hilarious

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    Unlike other illegal drugs, marijuana isn\'t addictive.
    i picked true because im pretty sure it has no addictive substances in it, right? i mean its not physically addicting

    A:Nice try! The correct answer is false.
    Research proves that marijuana is addictive.² It\'s true that withdrawal might not be as severe as with heroin or other drugs, but research shows that people who regularly smoke marijuana have withdrawal symptoms-drug cravings, decreased appetite, nervousness, irritability, stomach pain, aggression, and anxiety, among others.³

    Compared to cigarette smoke, marijuana smoke:

    Is not nearly as bad for your health
    Is just as bad for you, probably worse
    Is much worse for you

    i picked not as bad for ur health, the smoke isnt as harsh doesnt contain nearly as much tars and doesnt contain the the poisen nicotine, i dont understand how do they get away with these lies!!!!!!

    A:Nice try! The correct answer is just as bad for you, probably worse.
    Marijuana contains the same cancer-causing chemicals as tobacco-including the deadly carcinogen benzopyrene-and at higher concentrations. Smoking four joints a week is equivalent of smoking an entire pack of cigarettes every day which, even in the short term, leads to lung and respiratory problems. Long-term use increases the chances of tissue damage and lung cancer. Regardless of the content of THC (the intoxicating chemical in marijuana) the amount of tar inhaled by marijuana smokers and the level of carbon monoxide absorbed are three to five times greater than that of tobacco smokers. A study conducted at the University of California, Los Angeles shows that the way smokers inhale marijuana and hold it in the lungs adds to the damage.5

    whoa smoking four joints aweek is the same as a pack if ciggs a day, what a f*cking lie, oh i know they must be talking about a joint the size of a freaking car, ciggete companys put so many chemicles in there ciggs, thats why people usally stick to one brand b/c there addicted to that brands chemicles but the companys dont need to list the chemicles, i swear its like a consipracy against weed smokers or some sh!t, i love use of the word probably 2!!!!!

    Using marijuana regularly:
    Can impair judgment and make a person more likely to get into trouble
    Usually makes a person mellow and relaxed and less likely to get into trouble
    Makes a person hallucinate and become dangerously violent
    ~~we all no the anwser to this one is mellow and relaxed thats what i picked, wait till u hear there anwser its so funny lmfao
    A:Nice try! The correct answer is can impair judgment and make a person more likely to get into trouble.
    Can impair judgment and make a person more likely to get into trouble The popular stereotype of the pot user is the \"mellow\" label. The facts don\'t support this image. Smoking dope can lead to anxiety, panic attacks, depression, and paranoia.6 Teens who become regular marijuana users are three times as likely to have suicidal thoughts than those who don\'t, according to the National Household Survey on Drug Abuse.7 The Household Survey also found that teens who frequently use marijuana are almost four times as likely to commit a violent act-either against people or property-than those who don\'t. They\'re five times as likely to steal.8

    what the hell is the national house sevey do they go to houses asking old house wifes if they think smoking marijuana makes kids steal!!!!! wow these adults over at freevibe are realy overstating things and shaping things to ruin young childrens minds, i lov how they say the facts dont support the image of mellow pot smokers!!!!!! where the hell r there facts i havnt see any, yeah pot smokers are more likly to get in trouble becuase marijuana is still illegal lol jesus

    go take this hilarious quiz, i only put the really funny ones in, why cant people admit smoking marijuana can be done responsibily, and is done responsibly most of the time, i dont steal or support terrorism, whats the world coming to, its becuase we have old farts running our country, sending millions of people to there deaths at war, jsut because thats all these old people know, is fighting, i hate bush, his ass is tucked away in a big white house, choking on pretzells while people are being murdered out in the middle of a battle feild, like he would ever step his ass out in a battefeild, america sucks,
  2. 6 times as bad, how can anyone say its 6 times bad i mean is that like a scintific term yes marijuana iis 6 times worse, its all nonsense, like how can anyof it be justifyed,

    all i know is that marijuana smoke doesnt contain nicotine, and i know u cant die from smoking to much marijuana, i also have been hearing that marijuana smokers smoke more weed then tobacco smokers smoke tobacco, which just cant be true,

    marijuana smoke is like 9 times less worse then cigg smoke, cuz i proved so, and because my foundation took a house survey,
  3. there is more tr in weed, but only in the leaves and stem(what i heard) theres hardly any in the buds(wot we smoke) so technicly we get less
  4. ...
    \"The night I was staring death in the face. Well it all started when my parents left on vacation and me and my sister had a few friends come over. Me and my friends went to get some weed to smoke. We got back at my my house and my friends ended up having to leave so I just said hell with it and smoked it myself. Come to find out there was a little bit more than just plain homegrown weed in it. My eyes became so bloodshot there was no white left in them. My skin turned a pale green and I immediately went into a cold sweat. I ended up passing out and all I remember is that night was like a dream. When I passed out I was actually awake but it all seemed like a dream.Come to find out my life was in the hands of the marijuana. I was technically supposed to die that night. After finding out what a doctor told me. I was extremely lucky and that was my 5th chance at life because I was a SIDS baby that lived if any of you know what that is. All I could think after that was I made a big mistake because I took the life God gave me for granted. All I know is that there\'s a reason I\'m still here. I\'\\r\\n m NOT a christian freak but I do believe very much so IN God AND\\r\\n he was definitely touching me that night. ALL I can say IS now I have\\r\\n other health issues due TO that night that will most likely live WITH\\r\\n me FOR the rest OF my life so do yourself a favor AND \\r\\n don \' t stare death IN the eyes LIKE I did.Be smart AND \\r\\n stay cool BY \\r\\n NOT doing drugs because YOU might NOT be AS lucky AS me !\"

    Something funny about all of the huge gaps in this story...
    I\'ve never seen someone turn green...
    :smoking: :D

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