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  1. I have about 8 little plants growin right now in my basement and they have these little gnats all over them. I don't know why or what I can use to get rid og them.
    Anyone have any ideas.
    Yes,it's a soil grow.
  2. Sand, Rocks, no pest sticky traps, SAFER pest insecticide. Any of these should work. I use marble chips. Its only $3.00 us for a big bag of it and it works real good. I tried sand but it mixes with the dirt sometimes and then you get the gnats again.
  3. I strongly recommend you try spiders!

    Maybe throw in a bug light to zap the bastards like I do. (outside the box that is)
  4. An inch or more of vermiculite on the surface of the soil will prevent them access to their breeding grounds. It will float when you water, and stay on top.

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