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  1. Any advice on what these are on he leaves would be appreciated. I don't think she's got malnutrition but maybe gnats. I've seen quite a few already and been using a spray to terminate but still there. Are these bites from these gnats?
    As you can imagine I want these gone asap. They are ruining my plant

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  2. This is her

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  3. I don't know what type of insect is causing your problem, but I do know that it's not gnats - gnats do not cause leaf damage.
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  4. I've found tiny white coloured crawlers underneath the leaves mick. But the bites are on the top. Although they're bad they're not half as bad as a few weeks previous.
    Ps. U date on the last plant. I chopped her a little early I think. But smoked wonderfully still. Great taste and smell. Pretty strong too
  5. Sounds like thrips.
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  6. I agree with Mick here. They'll nest on the underside of the leaf but it looks like the beginning so I think you have a great chance at recovering nicely.

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  7. That's the little fucker

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  8. Too hard to get pic of the white things. You know any cures for thrips
  9. Go to and click on plant problems, then scroll down to pests - click and scroll down the list to thrips. They have several suggestions to get rid of them. The pic you posted of the black insect with wings looks like a fungus gnat - but your description of white crawly things under the leaves sounds like thrips. Do you see any activity in the soil?
  10. Wtf is fungus gnat and yeah slight movements but just fly. Keep killing them and taking top soil it's getting rid slowly
  11. Are there white larvae in the soil? If so - are they the same things under the leaves?
  12. No just the flies in the soil. No larvae bocking about from what I see. Just these white yellow looking things
  13. It sounds like you have two pest problems. Adult fungus gnats resemble fruit flies but with black wings - they do not cause leaf damage, but if they are flying in the soil - they are laying eggs. The leaf damage seems to be caused by what you describe as thrips - the white crawly wormlike things under the leaves.
    Where do you see these white yellow looking things? Under the leaves or in the soil?
  14. Under leafs mick. What's the best action to take
  15. I have only ever had fungus gnats and for the adult flyers I hung yellow stickies to attract and kill and for the larvae in the soil I used 3tsp of Gnatrol in a gallon of water and saturated 3 times - once every two days to kill them. As for the thrips - as I mentioned in an earler post - go to for information on how to eliminate them. Good luck.
  16. Looks like thrips are chewing holes everywhere .and the brown spots are simple calcium deficiency. what's the run off ph? For thrips I would hit the with neem oil.Sprinlkle diatomaceous earth on the top of the soil.(this kills any larvae) I would also increase air flow alot as flying thrips hate wind. Flush the plants with 1/4 strength nutes until you see new growth appear normal .Then gradually bump up the ec to the ideal level. Those leaves won't come back so don't worry .just look for new growth to be good.


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  17. calcium deficiency. [​IMG]

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