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  1. Water with caterpillar killer aka BY, or add to res. Top the tops of buckets/bags with D.E.
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  2. For a soil Starting over. They love heat and humidity, so make sure you're letting soil dry out all the way between watering. Get air movement going in your area to lower the humidity. If the conditions are right and they like your area, you'll fight them for a long time. I have a buddy who lives in Hawaii and is a grower...outdoor. He's lived there for years and he's fought them every year he's grown simply because the conditions are perfect there. I've seen different people do different things but know of absolutely nothing that is 100% sure other than tossing and starting over with new plants. Lots of times people bring them in in soil. Old soil or soil that has been too moist are great environments for them to set up shop in. I always pour my soil into a container and move it around to have a look for movement by bugs before I use it for plants. Go to the "forums" page here and at the top there is a search button. You can type in "gnats" or "fungus gnats" and it will pull all threads on the forum linked to that topic. You might get some ideas there. Sorry!! TWW
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  3. [​IMG]
    Cold pressed neem oil works wonders

    is organic and systemic does mold good too

    avoid over watering is the first step

    good luck
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  4. How should I apply the neem for a5 gallon fabric pot?

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