gnats or something in my soil. HELP.

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by thunderfck, May 31, 2009.

  1. i have what appear to be tiny little gnats in my soil. just noticed them during my flush. i flushed, then about 4 or five came flying out of the pot. top and bottom of the pot. im in day 50 of flowering on that plant. but i have some others that are a few weeks behind in the same room. none of the others have shown the pests yet. should i treat for these pests so late in floweing? if so how would i go about it? thanks in advance.
  2. Get some HotShot no-pest strips.

    Works great. I had the same problem and it took care of them fast
  3. thanks keico. im gonna grab something like those tomorrow.
  4. lay slices of potato around your plant, the gnat larvae will be attracted to them
    also you can try neem oil, this helps
    if you can, put a plastic bag, or plastic barrier around the plant, get some ladybugs and let them loose in there
    good luck with your crop!
  5. I had a shit load of nats in my peat or mushroomm compost ,not sure wich one. Put out bowls of apple cider vinegar and let your soil dry up. The larvae live in the wet soil. Nats will be gone soon.
  6. you can also put a 1/4 layer of sand over the top of the soil and that keeps the gnats from trying to lay there eggs in the moist soil...

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