gnats in soil during flowering.if and how to treat?

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  1. i just flushed one of my sour diesel plants. it was on its 50th day of flowering. i plan on giving only water and molasses from now until choppin her down. any how, i noticed that during the flush a few gnats came running out of the bottom of my 3 gallon buckets. this is the first ive seen of these pests during this grow. should i treat for this so far into flowering? if so how do i do it?
  2. anybody? little help. ive posted here asking questions about 5 times and never get a response. do i have a badge in my signature or something?
  3. dont worry bout the gnats...they are just annoying if anything. Are u growing organics? If u have alot of gnats, their are a couple diff ways to get rid of them. u can use sticky fly traps and apple cider vinegar to attract them and kill them. They drown in he vinegar and stick to the stickys. I also heard of putting 1 in of sand on the top layer of soil to prevent the gnats from laying eggs. the sand will suffocate the gnats. But u would have to use a diff watering schedule maybe cause the sand will suck up the water before it reaches the roots. But if your already flowering, the gnats will get stuck in the trichs on the bud, like a sticky trap! I had a butt load of gnats too and they came with the soil i bought... Hope this helped a little. :D
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    thanks tokr. i am growing organic. and i also believe they were already in the bag soil ive got. needless to say i burned that shit. im gonna get some sticky traps. i sure as hell dont want gnats on my sour diesel trichs, thats for sure. and the apple cider vinegar, is that how it comes or do i mix apple cider with vinegar myself? thanks again
  5. The vinegar comes as apple cider vinegar. Put a little bit of the vinegar in a shallow dish and place it around your babies. u will see large gnats and a bunch of baby gnats that dove in and never came out! The sand trick def works! If not, then flush and use diff soil.
  6. Probably the easiest way to get rid of them is to allow the soil to dry out longer between waterings. It has always worked for me.

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