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Gnarly Head Pain When First Geting High

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by rvcasrfr, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. #1 rvcasrfr, Jun 4, 2009
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    So I've been tokin pretty heavily for about 3 years now. Ever since I started, I will get this intense pain from about the chest up when I first get high. I don't really get it from smoking out of a piece, but really only when I take huge bong loads.

    The only way I can describe it, is like a werewolf transformation. If I milk the s*** out of a bong for my first hit (which I rarely do because the pain can get so intense) my head will feel as if it's going to implode. It's like a 5-7 second "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" where I clench my fists, squint my eyes, and grit my teeth... then it's gone... and I'm high. Like going from human to werewolf. I don't literally scream and it's not dramatic enough to where anyone has ever noticed, but it's definitely there for me.

    BUT, if I'm already high and take a huge bong load, it's all good. If I slowly puff off a pipe, all good as well.

    I know this isn't normal and I've never been concerned with it because as far as I know, there has never been any sort of serious health complication as a result of smoking ganja... But this past weekend my buddy had some of the most chronic medical I've ever seen in my life and told me he'd let me smoke as much as I could take in one hit. So I milked the shit out of the bong and sucked up. It was the most intense 'werewolf transformation' I'd ever felt, lasted about 10 seconds and was literally almost unbearable. But then I was high for almost 2 hours off that one hit. It was literally the best weed I'd ever smoked. But still got me thinking about this head pain thing....

    Basically, does anyone here experience any sort of pain (similar to mine or not) when getting high? And what should I do about this? I love weed too much to give it up, but I have no idea who to consult regarding this... As weed is not like a pharmaceutical drug that I can report strange side effects to my doctor... If I call my clinic about this they'll just tell me I shouldn't be smoking weed and to take some pills for my anxiety...
  2. I basically had a similar situation to your but it only lasted a week. I was getting the craziest headaches to the point that it wasn't pleasant to get high. I was bummin but then I realized that I had just overexerted my body for multiple days in a row. Longboarding for 5 or more hours a day in the hot sun and getting high all day every day, having sleepless nights and the like. I figure I was dehydrated but even when I made a point to stay hydrated I was in pain from the headaches. My advice to you is take it easy for a few days, stopsmoking and let your body get used to not having the headaches. Just break your current streak you know?

    After a few good days of rest and not getting high I was back to normal, hopefully you can find a way.

    and if that's not the problem maybe try vaping or taking smaller hits, there's no rule saying you gotta take monster loads and cough your head off everytime. And if your friend encourages you to do that explain what you're trying to avoid and take 2 smaller hits, a real friend would be fine with it as long as its not a scam on your part to smoke all his weed or get more than him.
  3. Yeah I usually just take small hits to avoid the head pain.. but it still concerns me that it's there at all. I mean, I just don't want to keep smoking dank for 20 years to find out that it's been making my brain swell this whole time or something crazy like that.

    The thing too is... It's not a headache.. It's like a pressure in my entire head, literally like its imploding.
  4. Just a guess, probably isn't what it is, but there is a small possibility that it could be a brain cyst
  5. I get this type of pain if I stand up to fast, like a lot of pressure is being put on my head. I now take medicine (Topamax) for my migraines which also got rid of this but it's pescribed medication. Just slow your hits down, it may come from the lack of oxygen getting to your brain (may sound funny, but im serious) which was my cause.
  6. drink some coffee before you get high and see if it helps. It might be something really simple, like the vaso-dilation effect is really strong in you and you just need a vaso-constrictor like coffee to decrease the effects?

    might be carbon-monoxide like was mentioned, like oxygen debt or lack of oxygen, from the combusion of the weed in the bong/pipe/jay. I get a feirce head ache when sucking on my hookah for too long a session and that's a well known issue with hookah users. So try deep breathing some fresh air after you get the headache and see if it goes away?
  7. or another thought, sometimes when I take a hit of very potent weed, off of something harsh or notoriously known for sitting you down like a sobe bottle waterfall my vision has blacked out before from trying not to cough, maybe you should let yourself do so if you're causing the pressure from holding it in.
  8. Actually I was smoking earlier and now that I am really paying attention to it... It happens even when I take little hits.. Just barely noticeable. But only when I'm first getting high. If I smoke while I'm already high, it's all good. In fact the stronger the weed, the more intense it gets.

    The pain/pressure kind of starts at the back of my throat and moves up my skull... It's not really a headache but more of a pressure...

    Anymore advice?
  9. sometimes vaporizers can hit harsh as shit or as hard as a bong, have you any experience with vaporizers and your situation? It's probably just a shock to your system. For me I know my favorite part of the high is when you are making that change from sober to high, it sucks it would be unpleasant for you. I'd say just continue on but do a warmup smoke or something before you hit a big peice since you said it's not as bad if you're already high.
  10. I've had the same problem recently. I've found that drinking something like gatorade alleviates all pain. Magnesium and potassium are muscle relaxers and theyll help facilitate intermembrane transfer. Thats the only reason I can think of. And of course if youre dehydrated gatorade will fix that

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