Gnarliest thing youve ever eaten while fried

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  1. What is the absolute gnarliest thing you've ever had to devour while baked, either because you were dared to, you were pressured, or you had no choice?
    For me, I was stoned with a bunch of friends at my house  when I was younger and I got dared to drink a smoothie of blended octopus, red onions, mayonnaise, mustard and relish. I don't even want to think about he taste, just thinking about it makes me want to puke out of my eyes.

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  2. Came downstairs stoned.

    House was dark. Grabbed a new bag of chips off the fridge, had just opened the bag an hour before,

    Munchin away, feel somethin crawlin on my face....

    Somethin bites me, i run to bathroom, spit out a mouthful of black and red ants, wipe them off my face. Go in the kitchen and theyre all over the fridge and the bag is covered in them..
  3. I can only imagine the horror you endured
  4. Worst part was they were all chewed up.....stuck in my teeth


    But tbh, not that big of a deal. If i was hungry enough i dont think id discriminate.
  5. Ate some popeyes. Nearly puked. Ive been a kfc man ever since
  6. what?:huh: bruh popeyes is equivalent to the sweet ambrosia of the gods whilst high.
  7. Fried Oreos, at a fair with my friends high as fuck.
  8. Hmmm I'm very open to trying new foods.

    Raw trout liver was kind of lakey. Sheep brain was good. Fish eyes were good. Bugs are great.

    I'd have to say the strangest was snail. It's not uncommon but it just tastes weird. And the texture reminded me of a mouth full of mucus.
  9. One time I put a brownie on a burger. I was really high and figured since they're both good by the themselves why not put them together to speed up the eating process. Threw it in the trash after like four bites
  10. Wendy's and Arby's. Who the fuck calls that food???
  11. My dad bought a bunch of bananas because I wanted some. I forgot about them, and after like a week, they were all mushy and light brown. My dad started getting angry about the bananas rotting. So I got high as fuck, and proceeded to eat like 6-8 borderline rotten bananas. He witnessed me eating them and well he couldn't say they went to waste.

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  12. Mikes pizza from Naugatuck ct
  13. Usually while im high i put whatever food and sauces are in my fridge on bread and call ita sandwich. Honestly it's yielded some pretty disgusting combinations
  14. I got fries at the fair and there was a deep fried moth in there....


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  15. omfg!! , lol

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  16. kinda hardcore bro. Bananas are almost free man.

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    couldnt have been that bad!

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  17. I found 4 spiders in my poutine from McDonalds after I ate most of it

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  18. Ants in my cereal :(
  19. i was extremely drunk and out of control when were in the Philippines. i ended up trying to eat some balut. for those that don't know what it is, go here!! . i was set up actually. it was my first time so that is what they do to haze you.
    it was just as one would expect of something so vile....i projectile vomited all over everyone's shoes. it wasn't the taste exactly, or even the smell. it was the oily, rotting texture of it all. i am dry heaving a little thinking about it. amazing how something can happen so very long ago can seem like it was but a few minutes.
    never, ever, EVER!!! again! :metal:
  20. oh c'mon, balut isn't that bad. It's kinda tasty, if you didnt know what it was you might even like it

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