GMU homecoming queen is a guy

Discussion in 'General' started by amsterdamage, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. I don't mean to sound bitchy but he's really not that cute. ;)

  2. Great, one more step out of nomal the wrong way.
  3. that is so awesome.
    I'm glad they allowed something like that. :]
  4. Haha. Awesome. Theres nothing wrong with this btw.
  5. a republican somewhere is having a heart attack.
  6. Bahaha. So true. ^
  7. this is sick and wrong, we should not be condoning these types of actions.
  8. you are sick and wrong. this is completely harmless.
  9. thats blasphemy!!!!!
  10. I mean, why not? What's wrong with this, seriously? Good for them.
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    i really wouldnt understand why anyone would care enough about this subject to be against it. more competition for them maybe? :p

    great for her. i mean him.
  12. at my high school this gay kid won the superlative of both 'drama queen' and 'drama king' (they did a boy and girl for each superlative catagory)

    doesnt really bother me. dude wants to be a girl...let him live in his fantasy world
  13. hahaha, really fits the word "queen"
  14. Deuteronomy 22:5

    "A woman shall not wear a man’s apparel, nor shall a man put on a woman’s garment; for whoever does such things is abhorrent to the LORD your God."

    Religion rules!
    Hey! Guess who's baked!
    I'll give you a hint...
    Starts with "me" and end in "I am!"
  15. First of all bro, theres no way to prove god exists so you cant base the whole fucking world around the bible

    Anyway, I think if these guys wanna do this they should just get a sex change and get it over with
  16. 2 of my good friends go there, I'm kinda worried for the well-being of their sphincters.
  17. I dont know what to think on one hand its just good fun and a big joke. But there could be something really wrong with this guys self image if he wants to be a girl.
  18. :confused:
  19. People make me laugh so much:

    "Oh no, a drag queen, that isn't norml! GASP WTF!"

    Who the fuck cares? Honestly? Tradition? Homecoming Queen? So good.

    People get so worked up over the dumbest shit.

    "People say happy holidays instead of christmas!"
    "Some people choose not to be christian!"

    Everyone, quick, BE NORMAL or else the world may just spin off its axis.

    On a side note, I'm not far at all from the GMU campus, and I know several people that take class there, one of which when he finds out later that this happened, will probably freak the fuck out. So good.

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