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  1. How do you feel about genetically modified foods? That shit is fucked up imo. America has no regulations regarding gmo while italy , spain, and 55 other countries have banned gmo. America doesn't even require food labels to specify if gmo's are used.

  2. It wouldn't matter if we had labels because they're in practically everything. I think they should be at least unpatentable and maybe even illegal until they know the harm they cause.
  3. does it matter how we feel? it's happening regardless and nobody likes gmo's unless you're a dumb robot
  4. GMO are bad period any one who says other wise well sucks to be you .
  5. Well, that's a fairly bold claim. You should go find the nearest scientist to let them know you figured out what they haven't yet.
    I agree with @ϗℯ୩ჭღഌ१Ϟॠ though, we need to be doing extensive research on their impact on humans. There could be some potentially fantastic positives to GMO, but at the same time they could be very harmful. Speculation only goes so far, we need solid empirical evidence either way to really  judge what is happening.
  6. Firstly, if we can get GMO's labeled, then we can finally effectively avoid GMO's, when store's get the picture that their clients don't want GMO's is when they will bring it back to the market. Until then, I'm growing my own. And you can bet that I'm buying my seeds from someone who's signed the Safe Seed Pledge.
  7. expecting GMO's to be good for you, is like expecting the politicians to be honest and not corrupt. Yeah sure its a nice idea, but good luck with that :laughing:
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    I agree that they should definitely be labelled, I just don't understand why people are worrying about labels when we're not even sure if they're the cause of our recent major health epidemics or not and it's not like there isn't cause to investigate such claims.
  9. This, they hear "genetic" and they freak out and assume the worst.
    I see so much potential for good with it comes to genetic engineering. Tons of bad, but the potential for good can be there. and there is no conclusive evidence in either direction currently.
  10. want to know what the most GMO vegetable is? cannabis you better believe it. whoever's growing it is probably putting a shit ton of chemicals in, even more than normal gmo food.

    But yeah, gmo's, it's one of the most fucked up shits going on right now. I've been sending letters to local representatives/senators regarding GMO labeling and manufacturing.

    I've started growing my own plants, my first few sprouts this year are up. The best thing you can do to avoid gmo's is to buy food from local farmers market whenever possible, that and grow your own food.
  11. lolwut? GMO doesn't mean they used chemicals on it... lmao

    I love how you don't know what GMO is, but yet it's "fucked up shit". lol. Do you even have any evidence to support your opinion, or does the abbreviation just scare you?
    1000x this. It's amazing how people who have literally done no research on the subject have such strong opinions on it. They just hear it's bad and assume it really is. I personally don't see the evidence of harm, and it's been in the food supply for most of my life.
    I think that the products of genetic engineering should be evaluated on a case by case basis at this point. There's not much evidence of harmful effects from current GM crops, but that doesn't mean that future ones couldn't be harmful.
  14. You have to consider that these are patented products that you can't just go out and study without explicit permission from their owners, thus no such evidence would exist unless companies like Monsanto allowed it to exist. You can't assume they have no detriment just because they've been around for a while and no evidence exists because they've yet to be thoroughly studies except indirectly through health epidemics, which we know have been on the rise since GMOs were introduced. There is plenty of cause to worry about their potential for harm and the fact that we don't know.
  15. So very right indeed. We should never leave things especially when concerning not only our health and that of Mother Nature to chance. There should already be thorough research so we can debate using facts and not emotionally charged zeal, but here we stand bickering about the ignorance of others when all of us here are completely ignorant on this subject due to lack of proper data. :bongin:

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