GMD tiny ash catcher

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  1. Here it is...the tiny ac (i needed permission before I posted this)
    this is just an experiment and is not currently in the plans for production...basically eric was just farting around with the idea.
    if he can work out the kinks he may offer them but don't hold your breath.
    and please do NOT request the tiny ashcatcher.
    edit; it is half the size of a regular shac ac

    [ame=]YouTube - tiny ash catcher milk[/ame]


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    I like it
    I think it would be better with a shower head though.
    You know people aren't gonna listen there gonna ask gmd about that ac.
  3. How much?
  4. I dunno, its wasnt for sale, I got it for free...i don't work for them nor am i affiliated in any way...I just did something online that impressed them and they decided to give it to me.

  5. If they do start selling them I couldn't imagine them being more than 35
  6. Oh, alright. I think its adorable and would love to pick one up. :smoke:
  7. thnx, yeah its pretty great for my roor

    i agree with whohulk, it would be an inexpensive pick up if they do decide to market them.

    one thing about eric, he is not a greedy glasshole like some other blowers I'll leave nameless.
  8. Awesome man, do you like the way it hits?
  9. yeah it hits real complaints
  10. Added flow and capacity without the added size, perfect for the new mini GMD is making. Perfect for anything for that matter. I am eagerly awaiting my big joint ac from them.
  11. yeah but I figured i would cover my ass...and that is a showerhead in there.
  12. well, if you could get those for 35.00 he would be cutting himself short.
    but from the video it looks like the splash over might be a problem. But fix that and those would be nice. Also, smaller means more work to make, not less.
  13. yeah that's probably why he doesn't want to make them..its just a novelty for me.
  14. sweet skull shirt bro

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