GMD 4 Showerhead Ashcatcher!

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    Just saw this on GMD's page, not sure if the pics have been posted here on the city. Looks sick, the amount of diffusion looks to be crazy let alone for a ashcatcher.


  2. I saw it last night. It looks pretty awesome! I'd love to see a video of it in action! And for only $75? That's a steal IMO.
  3. how would this work on non-vertical joint?? for 75 this is a STEAL!!!!

    Also why does the glass look lumpy? is that a quality issue or pic fail?

    Been looking for ac and @ 75 this is epic win;.
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  5. i was taking lessons from eric/gmd. his stuff looks lumpy sometimes cuz he bulks up the joints so that they dont break! :D its a good thing. this 1 here says it is a 2nd in the ad. 2nds are discounted pieces and the 'over' lumpiness is probably the reason.

    fc's prices sound accurate... i use to help them with quotes :p 150 is still an epic price for an epic piece. theyre legit peeps and put a lot into their work. ive seen a few of these leave his shop and 1 guy came back telling us how stoked he was.
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    you can use a 90 degree ash catcher on 45 degree pieces...when you tilt the bong back both d stems become 90 degrees.

    edit; yeah the lumpy look is due to the extra thick welds...I have dropped my shac and it landed on a wooden box, it bounced onto the kitchen floor and was cracks...strong glass.

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