Gluing glass pipe?

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  1. I was cleaning my favorite glass pipe today; It's my first piece ever, I've had it for over 5 years, and it's traveled across the country with me many times - needless to say, it means a lot to me. While cleaning it over my, ceramic, sink, it slipped out of my hands and the mouth piece hit the sink bowl and two exterior pieces chipped off. The overall shape of the bowl is totally untouched,and it's definitely smokable without the chipped pieces but the mouth piece is jagged now - not something I think is very safe to put my mouth on or very aesthetically pleasing.

    Now, I know glue and heat doesn't really mix, but these chipped pieces are as far from the bowl as possible and will never touch the flame. Do you guys think it's safe for me to just glue the two chipped pieces back on? I already fixed them into place with a few dabs of Elmer's which is holding very well - I want to make sure it's not unsafe to smoke from though.
  2. Use strong bonding glue, make sure it isnt toxic
  3. It would be safe but I'm guessing you'd still feel the dried glue on your lips. If you can do a good G.J. (glue job) then I say go right ahead.
  4. I wouldn'd use Elmers. I would go to walmart or lowes and get some fast drying epoxy. It's a glue that comes in two parts. When you mix them together it bonds super tough and super fast. I would ware rubber gloves when doing this, cause you will glue your fingers together.
  5. yup get the expoxy you have to mix and put it on the outside of the glass and use popsicle sticks to make it even

    I did that to my friends sherlock haha.
  6. Are you guys suggesting epoxy because it's a stronger glue or because it'll be safer to smoke from?

    The Elmer's is holding really well right now.
  7. Super glue works wonders. i even used it to fix a friends bong.

    To make a long story short, friend bought a 300 dollar tsunami, drunk girl knocks it off the counter shatters the stem and bowl, and chips off a peice off the place were you put the bowl. a little super glue and a new bowl and the bongs just about good as new, and my friend got 300 bucks from the girl. after heavy uses (5-10 g's of dank) in a night we would have to re-glue it and let it dry for 20 mins.

    so yeah the glue should hold
  8. I'm not too sure how safe it is... but I'm not dead yet, so it's not that bad. But I holds up very well. I'm not sure about the Elmer's, I've never used it. But I don't really thing it will hold up for very long. once you start smoking it and the temp. changes and stuff.
  9. I know the epoxy will have a much higher tolerance of heat than the elmers will, and the epoxy doesn't wash off either. ;)
  10. I have always used super glue
  11. they also make heat resistant super glues as well
  12. I glued my bubbler with elmers and its been 3 months I smoke out of it at least 4 times a week,it works fine :) same story with mine breaking...drunks :/

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