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Glue Pipe/Bong

Discussion in 'General' started by djh101, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. Not entirely sure if this is the correct forum, but here is my question:

    How safe/unsafe is it to use glue on something like a water bottle bong to hold some of the parts into place? I have foil around where the stem goes into the bottle, so all the glue is really doing is going over the foil to hold it on better, but I'm still not sure if using any glue at all is that great of an idea. Any comments? =P
  2. Glue is non toxic so hit that shit boy!
  3. Cool. It's the first bong I've ever made, but it's pretty cool. I have a pipe made out of playdough, think I could make a bong out of it? lol
  4. Salty, but it would work if it dried.
  5. use heat resistant glue.

    im not sure which kinds are heat resistant but still.

    and dont use super glue cuz super glue kills.
  6. Haha, I almost used super glue but I didn't have any. And then I thought about it, and yes, super glue does kill. I actually used hot glue. It dries fast, holds strong, and I stuck a lighter and the flame didn't really affect it. I also used a little Elmer's glue, and I know that is the most non-toxic of all glues=P.
  7. elmers glue. hahaha.
    that just makes me laugh.

    but hot glue is the best kind to use.

    good job. :D
  8. =D
    Lol, I got bored and went a little glue crazy. I coated my pen & foil pipe with a blue hot glue spiral going all the way down it. Looks pretty awesome and provides a nice grip. I'm out of hot glue now, though, so I have to go pick up some more=P.

    Haha, I started out using a small toy-like hot glue gun- the glue came out nice and slow and I could even touch it (didn't get that hot). Then I found the big gun, came out a lot faster and I got a little on my hand- so much hotter! =P
  9. yeah? haha.
    thats a good idea making a grip btw.:smoke:
  10. Your gonna die =[[[[[
  11. Honestly, just go out and buy a piece dude. You'll be way happier with it than some home made creation

  12. true, theres glass pieces for as low as 20 bucks, glass 1 hitters for like 10. hell, if you still cant afford that they have like 5 dollar metal pipes, IMO, anything is better than some home made mcgyver type shit. no need to smoke outta foil bro, if anything learn how to roll and get some papers/blunts
    that being said, when i was young'n i used bubblegum, no bullshit. then progressed to hot glue
    but what im sayin is, skip that shit dude, i wish someone would have told me that when i was young pot smoker
  13. i hope your not serious
  14. I wouldn't use glue. At all.
  15. I have a piece. I enjoy making handmade ones, though- it keeps me occupied when I'm bored.
  16. Uh durrr. No ones telling him to use super glue. I hope you arent serious. Look what i found.

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  17. just because it says non-toxic, doesn't mean that its safe to breath in the heated vapour.

    OP use some blu-tac or just make the bong with a tighter fitting stem

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