Glowrods beeline and bic oh my

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  1. Does Beeline thick wick and regular make a difference?
    Overall Improvement on Bics?
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    Beeline is great.
    Much better for you. No butane fumes.
    I think it tastes better, too.

    It's essential when I want to burn some. I usually vaporize.
  3. k im not really sure what the OP is talking about..

    But i have always wondered about the effects of inhaling on a lighter sparkin up

    a blunt or anything else. Can you explain Tex?
  4. im asking if theres a differencr between the lighter and beeline and is there a difference between thick and regular
  5. I just got 6 packs of Bee Line a few days ago and all I can say is wow. You can really taste the flavor of the weed and it makes your lighter last like 10x longer. Also the good thing about it is its better for you :D. IMO its a must for smoking out of a bong/bowl. The butane tastes bad like in my teeth, I can't explain it (most likely because I'm high) but it's something you need to try for sure.

    Also I'm not too sure about the difference between the thicker and thinner Bee Line. Most likely the thicker version will burn slower and will have a larger flame, but agian I'm not sure because I've never tried it.
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    The hemp and beeswax that make up Beeline produces relatively few toxins etc and is a much cleaner flame compared to all the cumbusted (burned) stuff in butane lighter fumes.
    Not sure how bad the lighter fumes are but Beeline does taste better and it actually does seem like a healthier way to smoke.

    And there's not too much difference between the thin and thick except that the thick one burns a little slower.
    Try one small pack of each and choose your preference.

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