Glowing bong water

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  1. All you need is a black light , a bong, and some tonic water, and tree would be nice too.. Put the tonic water in the bong and turn off the lights and turn on the black light and the water glows blue from the quinine in the tonic water ! ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1412991501.335750.jpg
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  2. who has a black light these days? :confused_2: that's up there with a lava lamp :laughing:
    neat though :D
  3. Whoa.....

    I think I just found my next DIY project! Thanks dude!

    Peace & Harmony :toking:
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  4. What kind of piece is that?

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  5. dude, awesome idea! i could see getting a small black light and attach it to the bottom of my glass bong. i think i too have my next DIY project.
    really man, that is pretty damn cool!!! i would rep you by 10,000 if i could! instead, i give you a well deserved FUCK YEAH!  :metal:
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    I have a black llight. Why don't you :p

    Granted its for my.glofish tank

    Edit: speaking of which this thread gives me ideas

  7. ..I have a lava lamp.
  8. Does the carbonation make you cough hella?

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  9. smoke is mostly CO2 anywuy

    I doubt yyou'd notice

  10. I just did this! AMAZING! 
  11. This is awesome 😁

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  12. I have a black light and a lava lamp and I'm working on getting a partridge in a pear tree.
  13. It is a Uranium Bubbler. It is made with uranium glass
  14. I just put my ps4 controller next to my piece:love-m3j:

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