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Glow in the dark bong!

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by OhMyKush, Dec 24, 2010.

  1. This is NOT mine, I was just checking out what Etsy had to offer and thought this was kinda interesting...so I thought I would share it with all of you!
    Its glow in the dark!

    There are pictures of it in regular light, it doesnt look that great in regular light- nothing I would ever buy personally.
    Though when its glowing I think it looks pretty fuckin awesome just because it glows in the dark.


    Heres the link to the Etsy page: Glow Glass Pipe by TheGoodTimesGlass on Etsy

    Just thought I would share. :)
  2. That's beautiful!
    Imagine toking that in a dim or dark lit room!!

    It'd be good if the bowl glowed aswel... that'd be insane or if it was different colours
  3. That is fucking wonderful! hoe much do you know?
  4. Does it glow in the dark or react to a black light? It is cool but not for 80$

  5. I think it glows in the dark because it says "truly surreal at night."
    Yeah its definitely not worth $80.
  6. Yeah. After I posted that I clicked the link an read. I would buy a cheap clear bong an some glow in dark paint an paint it up. I was havin a few vodka tonics last night an tried the tonic water in the bong with a black light an it was kinda neat.

  7. what's a black light?

  8. Oh.... here it's called a UV light - wonder why it's called black when ultra violet is the colour past indigo on the rainbow, like infrared is before red
  9. Haha, sometimes people forget Google is a few clicks away from answering their question.
  10. That's awesome, probably pretty cool when blazing in your room by yourself, with no lights on.

  11. If I remember correctly I had prior engagements I had to tend to
    Also Im quite lazy

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