Glossary that every glasshead should know

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  1. I posted this in Apprentice tokers but i feel like it should be posted here too:

  2. that is such a dope jlee, one of the sickest i've seen.
  3. Very well made glossary, I'm pretty new here, but that would make an excellent sticky! Are those your pics and pieces?
  4. Dude i cant believe you took the time to do this, GOOD JOB! :hello:

    Does anyone have know what those JLee percs that look like parking garages are called?

  5. Awesome glossary! Sticky worthy!
  6. This is somthing that DEF. needs to go in the App. Tokers. Thanks for putting it there!

    i love how it has the terms for glass blowing, so if u wanted somthing custom, u could tell em what u wanted easily
  7. o my my haven't seen such beautiful grossary
    thank for sharing this

  8. o my my haven't seen such beautiful glossary
    thank for sharing this

  9. Very detailed, it's sure to help a lot pf people out :)

    Sticky worth, imo.
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    your picture labeled honeycomb millie isnt a millie at all . it is actually an imploded reticello marble variant. there's a white retti with black dots in the spaces hyper imploded
  11. Where is this from? I made one on glass district but forgot about it and still haven't finished it.
  12. I didn't know about 90% of the terms there. Damn, I guess I just smoke and forget about all the rest. Real interesting pieces there as well.

  13. From Entensity forum, written up by Abbot.
  14. If you want some more things added, I can grab some of the ones I have up that you don't from over there. Lemme know.
  15. This is really useful man. Def gotta sticky this
  16. I approve of this.

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