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  1. hey every one i only got 1 bud for now from a was insanely ahead of the others i have, its jsut from bagseed...all the others wont be finished until mid october id say. i finaly downloaded the manual for my camera so i know how it works now so i can actualy get some decent close up pictures. heres a bud from the first plant in my harvest...didnt do anything specal this year testing a new spot just put em out there and let nature take its course.


    more to come

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  2. Looks shitty man. JK that looks fucking GGGOOOODDDD makes my mouth water just lookin at it. Enjoy!!!!
  3. Looks really good man. what kind if bag seed ( regs, mids, dank)?

    couldnt really think of a good name for the best since every1 uses different terminology. Keep up the good work. +rep

    Peace Bunga
  4. well i dont smoke myself i had gotn it for the person who apointed me their grower so i cant tell you how it was but the bud looked kinda like that but it wasnt as dense, it had a few seeds in it to so i think the grower may have stressed it some how or maybe accidentaly had a male nearby cuz there aint 1 drop of seed in this bud :)
  5. That does look nice as hell.

    Too bad you don't smoke, nothing tastes better than the fruits of your own labor.

    And I was curious how your growing is legal, i thought your had to get the medical card/prescription thing to get a grow license. So if you don't smoke how did you get one? But's not legal down here so i don't know how it all works in all the states.

  6. my grandfather has glaucoma, he talked to his doctor and he signed off for him to get a "green card" is the term where i am, and he is allowed to appoint some one to be his grower if he didnt want to or could not do it. me.

    i smoked when i was in highschool, and quit right after i was done highschool, i have not smoked for a long time now. a personal choice. i just have developed a real passion and love for growing the plant since i started doing it for my grandpa. i knew a thing or two already about MJ and i took a few horticulture classes in highschool plus did some research on the web. then not to long ago i met the grass city comunity

  7. that's awesome. I wish marijuana was legal in Alabama, i suffer from insomnia, and there's nothing better than a strong indica to put you to bed. And i've done a lot of research, and on those long nights i read GC non-stop. I have since fallen in love with growing too.
  8. Just curious, did ya weight it?
  9. yah it was 18 grams dry
  10. One bud more than 1/2 an OZ!
    F'n sweet
    You got a lucky uncle!!!
  11. what did you use for neutrient's if you used any?
  12. Nice buds bro!

    Some fresh beastly out door buds MmmM! :smoking:
  13. this year i had to use a brand new spot my old one got effed up, wont go into that story, and i didnt want to put alot of effort or time into it just so a ripper could get it so al i did was toss it in a pot with moisture holding MG and let nature do her thing. i have watered them myself a couple times but only when i knew they would die if i didnt. i only have 4 out there now theres not going to be a whole lot of budd off them but what i do get will be quality MJ. theyl be coming down in october, when im not suer, depends on how the weather holds out.

    thanks man
  14. so you think adding no neutrients just water will be okay? im leaning towards organically growing
  15. My story too......wife has MS....I'm a middle aged guy that wants the best treatments for wife's disease and MMJ does the trick......

    Good work on the buds for your grandpa's refreshing to see that even non users realize and understand the value of this plant. Keep up the good work..........chunk
  16. well yah theyr turning out fine jsut not nearly as big of plant or year i am going organic too and since il have 2 safe spots to grow...since i dont got a backyard or ne thing to put a couple nice plants for my G pa

    yes it is defenitly a good treatment for some but unfortunately soem doctors wont give it out because their personal opinion on marijuana is very negative. which is why i think it should be law that if the person has a medical condition that MMJ can be used for treatment it should be the patients choice wether he/she gets to use it. not the doctors.
  17. hey guys this morning there was mega frost everywhere so i ran out and got my plants.

    may i remind you that i was just testing a spot and that i didnt do anything for theese all did was plant them out there and let mother nature do her thing....

    i got good news and bad news...we will start with bad news. since i never went out there and they were in a dry spot id say 50% of the plant got dried up, even buds were dried up that i saw from a previous visit.....even more bad news is that the 50% remaining that did not get dried up 90%-95% of that got mutalized from the weather weve had lately mostly lost to mold....rain during the day cold at night then rain during the day non stop til today was teh first dry day where i could go and go figure it was the first frost but man was it a frost!

    anyways the good news is that the spot is secure cuz believe me if some one knew where they were they wouldnt have waited for them to get like they did to take next year i will have a good season realy worthy of watching and worthy of a budporn thread :p

    p.s camera batteries died while i was taking pics but i did get some. here they are

    Purply Goodness



    Kali Skunk



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  18. Kali Skunk looks like Gods Vagina!!!:p
  19. Good luck next year, you have found a great place to make great results.

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