Global Warming True?

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  1. I read magazines and such and there is still an argument with global warming. Yet newstands like Time and CBS etc. are claiming in my view that global warming is happening. No clear evidence stands that it is. What do you think of them doing this? I think its wrong. First off most people who believe in global warming don't acknowledge the opposition at all.
  2. i was actually talking to one of my college proffessors and he knows a guy thats like 60 that has all this scientific evidence that global warming is part of earth like it happens every 300 million years or some shit.
  3. I don't think anybody credible is arguing whether or not it's happening. The argument lies in whether or not it's caused by human's and their carbon footprint etc.
  4. Precisely.

    And also the extent of the damage of global warming.

    Personally: I'm not too worried about it.
  5. perhaps...perhaps not...but one thing for sure is that al gore is a faggot
  6. Alright, here's how it works.

    Take an average elementary school gym, and fill it with about 320 people, assuming that 500 would be PACKED. These people represent our cars, factories, etc.
    Feed each of these people a Mexican feast, and wait.
    Our cars and factories produce different chemicals and gasses that don't belong in the air, and these chemicals are known to erode the ozone layer which is so vital to our health, sun-wise. And just like all the cars, the people in our sealed- off gym are going to start producing gasses that can be pretty harmfull. Even though the small amounts each of us gives off should dissapate naturally, when it's all together and nonstop then it builds up, and becomes especially nasty.

    So, just like the gymfull of unconcious people, our atmosphere full of good old air is becoming increasingly polluted, and worse for us to breath -plus the sun is cancering our skin-, so yes, global warming is real, pollution is bad, and theres not a damn thing that can be done about it because nobody seems to want to act.

    It really dissapoints me.:(
  7. It's been a lot warmer in recent history than it is now. Vikings used to take the northwest passage through the arctic to go around north america, but when more recent explorers tried to find it it was all frozen up, and it's still frozen.

    ^ The hole in the ozone and global warming are two different things. The hole could contribute to global warming, though. It was caused by certain chemicals (CFCs) that were being released into the air by aeresol cans and refridgerators. Fourtunately, CFCs were pretty much banned in most industrial countries and the hole is slowly getting smaller as far as i can remember.
  8. Global weather patterns are extremely complicated, to the point where all of our computer model's are just guesses. There's an overwhelming amount of variables, you've way oversimplified the problem.

    But, related to what you were saying, beef cattle contribute more to the release of greenhouse gas than anything else I believe. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure I heard that their release of methane is the main contributing factor.

  9. Well yes, I am oversimplifying it, mostly because I don't fully understand it. But I do know that enough people who are educated on the subject believe it's real, so, good enough for me. And, I for one have been getting sunburn a lot quicker than I did in years past.

    And yeah, I think I read about the cattle in Newsweek last year, but it's not farts, they burp too much.
  10. global warming is sort of irrelivant. we as a race will end up killing eachhother before the world becomes uninhabitable. while animals will die off, we have the power to make our planet inhabitable even if conditions worsen. we may just have to build a giant biodome thats all.
  11. It's what we call a swindle.
  12. Either way we should still take steps towards renewable energy sources, more efficient buildings/houses/cars/etc.

    Unfortunately it's going to require a major overhaul of our whole production/transportation infrastructure.
  13. theres a show on the history channel right now about this very thing. its 9 pm central time
  14. That's a good reason not to make judgment calls on the issue and instead inform yourself.

    Global warming is real, but there has not been sufficient evidence to prove that it is caused by humans.

    There is a significant amount of evidence to make the inference that greenhouse gases do not drive out climate as much as we think they do.

    Oh and by the way, you just make an argument based on fallacious logic of argumentum ad verecundiam.

    That's nice, there are a ton of other reason that's occur, than simply blaming global warming. You should click on the link in my sig.
  15. I actually did my Junior Research paper on this in high school, claiming that it is more of natural earthen cycle and not caused by humans rather than some huge catastrophe waiting to happen... It's just about 8 pages... if anyone would like to read it, PM me
  16. poeple don't understand that the earth doesn't have one climate, it's constantly changing, always has been and always will, and there's nothing humans can do to stop it
  17. Global Warming may not exist, but I still think we should quit polluting, and help clean up our planet. Using bio-fuels, recycling, that kind of thing.

    We should not abuse Mother Earth, we should keep where we live clean.

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