Global Warming is a total sham...

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  1. Dude, it's the beginning of winter, it's SUNNY outside, shit I could walk outside with a T-shirt and shorts on right now if I wanted to. It should NOT be that way, in the beginning of WINTER! You can say that "global warming" is a sham, but the evidence is all around you, man. Global Climate Change is very real, regardless of what misinformation agents, i mean scientists, tell you.
  2. whats wrong with global climate change.
  3. You can't say that and believe in empirical truths and science.

    Climate change is real.
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    I think it is more important to focus on the Global Pollution Problem we have instead of arguing about climate change

    There's a dead zone in the Gulf of Mexio from all the farm run-off that comes down the Mississippi River. It's full of chemical fertlizers, chemical herbicides and chemical pesticides. I don't eat much seafood from the gulf anymore

    There's also a huge area in the Pcific the size of Texas that's totally full of plastic

    These things are more important to me. we need to fix these things first!!!


  5. Stuff like that pisses me off so much, so unresponsible...
  6. There's a lot of things we need to fix, the rising population, for example. Eventually we're going to run out of land:laughing: and resources:eek:..Eventually all the oil is going to run out, you can't argue this, oil is a natural resource and therefore will run out someday, inevitably. What do we do then? I think all of our efforts should be focused in creating a new fully sustainable, CLEAN source of energy. IF WE DO NOT, we will have to find another substance to replace oil, or basically we're fucked. but this isn't the thread for that, or the plastic in the ocean the size of texas, it's about OP claiming that "Global Warming is a total sham..."
    so back on topic. OP have you not noticed changes, in your own personal environment(wherever you're from I don't know)? There have been record temperatures being set all across the globe, how can you deny Gloabal Climate Change is real?
  7. Its not a sham, but the debate going on now is if it was a cascade of events caused by humans or nature. However I agree with the above post that we should focus on pollution, because it is causing an experiential rise in Carbon Dioxide and Methane in the Earth's atmosphere since the Industrial Revolution. Look at the 1980's CFC problem, when CFC were released into the atmosphere it caused a depletion in the Ozone layer which causes some UV rays to reach Earth's surface. It will take many decades for the hole to repair itself, but if it continued to expand it would have damaged plant and human life.

  8. Isn't ozone depletion still happening?
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    Pollution is a natural effect of overpopulation. The more efficient we make living, the more overpopulating problems we will have. Climate changes are natures way to try to counter-balance its nuisances imo.

  10. First off, did you even read the article?

    Secondly, I'm from Philly and it snowed in October for the first time in idk how many years. Seems to me things aren't really heating up. Plus it's freezing here now. This week has been a bit of a warm streak, but at night it's still cold as fuck and you can't use a week of warm weather to say "OMG global warming is real!"

    Absolutely agree. That is just pure irresponiblity on the farmers part and on the consumers part. Dont buy produce in local organic farmers.

    There is already free unlimited energy. I'm sure you've heard of has many names but a popular one is zero-point energy. Look up Nikola Telsa. Also, over population is not that big of immediate threat IMO. You can build much more sustainable cities and communities that are a lot more efficient at housing people. The way we do it now is absolutely ludicrous. Plus we could spread out...

    And again, the winters are getting colder and the summers are getting warmer. If there is any sort of climate change going on here it is absolutely natural. We aren't heating up all year round, it's only during the summer. Last winter was one of coldest winters in a couple hundred years over in Europe. Plus, here in Philly we got one of biggest snowfall amounts in recorded history.

    If you wish to you can try and convinced with some science but I don't think you have any....
  11. The fact that you're arguing against climate change by citing colder than normal winter temperatures shows you don't understand the topic as well as you think you do.

  12. I'm saying it's obviously not "global warming", you're correct in saying "climate change". I mean I guess it is getting warmer at the poles because of the melting of ice caps, but I'm not even sure how legit that is now that we know that all this data is being manipulated and the studies arent being honest. And I don't believe humans have anything to with change, I think if anything it's just a natural cycle...

    And if somehow humans are causing this, than its being absolutely hyped up waayy too much for strictly political reasons.
  13. Yes but at a substantially smaller rate than before. Some factories still use chloral floral carbons even though there is a ban.
  14. I'm in my 50's and I spent many Thanksgivings/Christmases in t-shirt and shorts in the southeast. Then the next winter would be icy cold. Climate changes, that is what climate does, it keeps the Earth healthy that way. The weather report is more likely wrong than it is right If they cannot forecast for Friday next week how can they forecast for 2020?
    Except in HI where it is always scattered clouds sunny and occasional showers everywhere.
    There is historical documentation where the earth was much warmer and at times much colder. Mother Earth is in charge and to think or have the arrogance to think you can affect anything is ludicrous. Has any of the CO2 fear-mongers considered the recent earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes (which are much less than when I was young btw) and tornadoes(seems to be more of them but over 1000's of years who knows) will clean us out before we even know what hit us. We are simply fleas on the back of a dog.
    Life guarantees one thing...death.
    did you know when the earth was warmer than it is now the farming areas were more vast and food more abundant than it had been in the centuries before?
    Did you know your plants need co2 and you do as well?
    Did you know that the more co2 the more lush plant life and so then the production of more oxygen?
    Think, these people who promote this bull crap haven't done one thing in their own lives to facilitate change towards a lifestyle they preach. They have made multi-millions and in some cases billions, off of a willing exuberant indoctrinated populace who for some reason want nothing more than to think everyone except themselves are slime and everything we do is evil. The people who promote this crapola are lining their pockets with our tax dollars and breaking the back of this country w/rules and regulations that put the best out of business so the best connected can get richer and steal our money. If there is a way for better or cheaper energy, they aren't going to let just some Joe Schmo have a shot at it. Even though it is more likely a Joe Schmo who will find it.
    If Govt and liars get out of the way Man will take care of himself and a community will take care of the environment.
    Btw, most people (unless they are nuts) want clean air and good clean water and a clean environment. People like AlWhore are scamming you and has enough money to buy the help he needs to do it and I am disappointed to see so many so willing to blindly follow.

  15. When I was in school many many years ago, we were taught that is what icecaps and glaciers did. They walk. That is how the round boulders get made and they walk by melting and freezing on one side or the other and it takes years and years, one cycle for say 40 years will be a build up phase then there would be a melting phase and they take years and years. When they used to teach real science this is what was taught and there is hundreds of years of data collected from explorers. The stories and photos are lies. These glaciers and icecaps have done this ever since they started recording Natural History.

  16. LA is a lot less polluted now than in the 70's and there is a much bigger population. It is a matter of community. When the community sees the effects of their actions they generally get together and clean it up. Everyone wants clean air healthy food and clean water. Not just a few, everyone.
  17. One of the side effects of global warming is more extreme high temperatures as well as more extreme low temperatures.

    Could also eventually lead to another ice age.

    So, it's something to worry about.
  18. how does 'burning' fuel from cars not create 'heat'?
  19. You're right, so let's just keep using oil and coal and other things harmful to the environment because it isn't doing anything anyway

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