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    You can still participate even if you are not a Seattleite! 292 cities around the U.S. are participating in the Global Marijuana March (and even more cities from around the world)!!

    SEATTLE Global Marijuana March - MAY 2, 2009!!

    The march starts at Volunteer Park in Capital Hill
    Meeting time is still undecided! More info to come!

    Join 292 cities from around the world on MAY 2, 2009, and rally to end the prohibition on medical marijuana, decriminalize marijuana possession (Washingtonians: support Senate Bill 5615!), eliminate jail sentences for nonviolent marijuana possession charges, legalize the utilization of hemp and marijuana, etc... the reasons are endless!

    Stand up for progress and change.
    Marijuana and hemp can REVOLUTIONIZE our society and economy!! Help legalize the utilization of hemp and marijuana's natural resource as a fuel, fiber, nutrient, medicine, source of inspiration, building material. Choose a HEALTHY and NATURAL alternative! Help protect our environment and ecosystem!


    Since 1999, 545 cities have signed up from 54 different nations:

    5 cities from 3 nations in Africa
    10 cites from 4 nations in Asia
    14 cities in Russia
    142 cities from 31 nations in Europe
    13 cities from 2 nations in Oceania
    31 cities from 8 nations in South America
    5 cities from 3 nations from "Nearby Islands" (Bermuda, Jamaica, Puerto Rico)
    32 cities from 8 provinces in Canada
    292 cities from 50 states of the U.S.

    You can participate! YOU can make a change!


    Did you know?...

    - Marijuana can be used to treat chronic pain, nausea, glaucoma, AIDs, cancer/chemo, hepatitis, muscle spasms and spastic disorders, G.I.D.s, seizure disorders, the inability to eat, and others.

    - Marijuana can arouse inspiration.

    - There is NO convincing scientific evidence that marijuana causes psychological damage or mental illness in either teenagers or adults.

    - Marijuana does not cause physical dependence. If people experience withdrawal symptoms, they are remarkably mild. This contrasts with many prescribed medicines, such as opiates, antidepressants, etc... Long-term regular users of marijuana may become psychologically dependent.

    - Tens of thousands of people are now in prison for marijuana offenses. An even greater number are punished with probation, fines, and civil sanctions, including having their property seized, their driver's license revoked, and their employment terminated. BILLIONS of U.S. dollars are being spent on a war against a weed.

    - Every serious scholar and government commission examining the relationship between marijuana use and crime has reached the same conclusion: marijuana does not cause crime.

    - For the large majority of people, marijuana is a terminus drug (more like home base), rather than a gateway drug.

    - Hemp is a hardy plant that can thrive in poor conditions. It could easily replace other plant industries that rely on unhealthy chemicals and destroy our environment, such as cotton.

    - Hemp cellulose can be used to make cellulosic ethanol, which can be used to fuel cars. It burns much cleaner than gasoline. The hemp plant also absorbs greenhouse gasses a it grows.

    - Hempseed oil can be used to replace diesel engine fuel. Using hemp oil in place of petroleum oil would protect the lungs of humans and animals, being a healthier and safer alternative.

    - Diesel engines running on 100% plant oil are more environmentally friendly compared to electric cars, which rely on companies that are often run by burning coal.

    - Hemp plywood is four times stronger than plywood made from trees. The fibers found in hemp stalks are tremendously long compared to those found in trees. The longer the stalk, the stronger the quality. Therefore, hemp anything is stronger than anything made of trees.

    - Hemp can be used to make biodegradable plastic, which would reduce the amount of plastic trash being produced.

    - Cold-processed hempseed oil is the highest grade of nutritional oil, containing more Omega-3 fatty acids than flax seed oil along with a healthful balance of other essential fatty acids.

    - Hempseeds are rich in amino acids, which are used to create proteins in our bodies. Hempseed ground to a powder can be used in many recipes by halving the amount of flour used and replacing with hempseed powder. Hempseeds are also rich in carbs, fibers, and vitamins.

    - Hempseed oil is beneficial as a body care product and can be made into soaps, conditioners, and lotions.

    - Industrial hemp farming is illegal in the U.S. although hemp has no psychoactive qualities.

    - There is no evidence that marijuana causes infertility in men or women.

    - There is no evidence that marijuana users are more susceptible to infections than nonusers.

    - Studies of newborns, infants, and children show no consistent physical, developmental, or cognitive deficits related to prenatal marijuana exposure.

    - Marijuana does not cause overdose deaths.

    - Cancer of the respiratory tract and lungs IS NOT promoted by marijuana smoke.

    McCabe, John. "Hemp: What The World Needs Now".
    Green Living. "Hemp Facts".
    Drug Policy Alliance Network. "Myths and Facts About Marijuana".

    ***p.s. I would love any feedback if any of these facts are not credible. Thanks!
  2. ill be there!
  3. I'll be there
  4. I'll be there
  5. - Cancer of the respiratory tract and lungs may be promoted by marijuana smoke. (This problem can be eliminated by vaping.)

    From what I saw in The Union, marijuana smoke has never caused a documented case of cancer, by itself, not ever.

    In fact, it is a fact, according to The Union, that among people that only smoked cannabis, no one ever developed lung cancer. Of people that smoked cannabis and tobacco, the people that smoked both seemed to show a lower incidence of Lung Cancer, than the people that smoked only tobacco.

    You may want to research that a bit more...I could be wrong, but that is how I heard it, as I recall...
  6. nO thats right the largest study on cancer and pot smoking, done by UCLA, concluded that even heavy use does not increase the risk for cancer.

    link to the story - by the way Global Marijuana March please show up
    There has never been a better or more important time to show our numbers!
  8. Thanks for the feedback! Also, feel free to post up facts of your own!!

    Spread the word about the march, let's show the world the power of this plant!! May 2nd, meet at Volunteer Park up on Capitol Hill around noon, the march towards Westlake Center begins at 1:00 pm!!
  9. I live 20 minutes away from Seattle. I will be there that day!
  10. Just a reminder: The Marijuana March for Liberation is only a week away, Seattleites! Here are the details:

    May 2, 2009
    Meet at Volunteer Park at 12:00 p.m.
    March begins at 1:00 p.m.
    Arrive at Westlake Center 2:00 p.m.
    Rally Speakers until 3:00 p.m.

    Come equipped with posters and enthusiasm! Now is the time to make a change: we must educate one another of the benefits that marijuana and industrial hemp can bring for our society, economy, state of the earth, well being, etc. Yes, we can make a difference. Let the people speak on behalf of not only the city of Seattle, but for the world. This is a GLOBAL event. Together, we will be united across the hemispheres for a common purpose: let us stand for what we believe in.

    For those who do not live in Seattle, find a rally in your hometown or neighboring city! Become a part of this global action.

    See you next Saturday! March with pride!
  11. I will be there in my city as well.

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