Global Drug Survey-Be Heard!

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  1. Its that time of year again!:)

    Time for the Global Drug Survey
    Mixmag Online Questionnaire 2012
  2. Yo that took longer than 20 mins
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    Ima be a part of this. This is a part of history. I exist in this current time and i will soon be history. Do you guys think if heaven really exists it will be crowded as fuck? i mean all the people that have ever lived and went to heaven. Will they ever run out of space?

    But i don't really believe that god or heaven exists. Our existence is only what we make of it. Nothing more.

    I am going to take this poll now. Thanks for reading a part of history.

    EDIT: Fuck that shit its real slow for some reason. takes 5 seconds tfor the box to be ticked andload or something. Maybe next time if they make it faster...
  4. wtf is "cannabis - grass" compared to "cannabis - skunk"

    and where is PCP????????
  5. seemed like all the questions were about E,coke,and cannabis lol.
  6. This year there is a lot of stuff on it I have no idea what it is:eek:
  7. I think they mean something like the difference between "Dank" and "Schwag"-high grade and low grade cannabis. They're British. Prehaps a British person knows?:confused:

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