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  1. is a glo rod and poker the same thing, my head shop does not and will not carry such items. I have found on a website that sells 'RooR poker' would this be considered the same thing as a glo rod?
  2. No. They are not the same thing.
  3. No I don't think it's the same thing man. I think the poker is supposed to be to pack shit down or mix it, not heat your bud.
  4. yea, its says to 'mix you pack to burn smooth'

    where online (PM ME) can i order a glow rod?
  5. PM me too. I ordered one off ebay like many months ago and never got it. The guy like went out of business and shit and I never got my money back. Fuckin gay.
  6. damn specialK that girl in your pic is gorgeous!!!!!

  7. Definitely different and the glass poker will break when you heat it up to a red glo. Gotta get a legit Glo Rod. I had a blower friend of mine blow me my rod for $20 bucks. Sick with it and I love the taste difference. Get one or let me know and maybe i could arrange to get you one.


    "Glo Rodding is the best way to smoke" Used it with my Bho last night!!!!
  8. Ah, it's RipRod the spammer back again as BHO Man. Go away, scumbag.
  9. Who the hell are you? & who the hell is rip rod? get your people str8 b4 you start talking some shit. You are the scumbag that must not have time but to follow other members shiz. Go F* urself!
  10. Your mom blew my bong last night and im not talking about the glass one Anarchyreigns. Call me a scumbag...hope you have a good firewall! reply to this thread again and we'll see what your ip address is made of! Sucker! Thats for talking shiz to someone that you don't even know! Mind your business you little poser! [​IMG]
  11. shit man can you get your friend to make me one of those? ill pay. thats one of the most legit glow rods I have ever seen
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    :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: You're living in a fantasy world.
  13. Glowrods are dangerous get a HAKKO
  14. hakko is sooo much better then a glow rod. mine cracked after a while. also its so finicky to heat up and reheat every few hits it gets annoying. mine just sits in my pen cup on my desk
  15. No offense to any people who like glo rods, but I recently bought one and cannot in good conscious recommend it to anyone. I bought a non name brand one from a local head shop for $12. When it works it works well. But unfortunately half the time the burning bud sticks to the glass rod, it gets everywhere, and it takes like 20 seconds to heat the thing up hot enough to get any kind of results. Plus you have to heat it up every single time, my lighter was out of butane after one day.
  16. I don't know why people just don't use lighters..
    I think re-glowing a glow rod would use the same amount/more fuel to make it glow and keep it glowing, then to just use a normal lighter..

    if you just touch your bud for a second or two with the flame and thumb the carb it will get it cherried and you wont even taste the butane
  17. IMO, it's Bee-Line ftw.

  18. Exactly.

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