GLH 600 or Blackstar 600 or lumigrow es330

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by OceanGreen, May 7, 2011.

  1. I am deciding between these three LED lights. From what I have researched these are the best in the market.

    However, I cant decide which to go with.

    This would be for a 10-20oz aim

  2. GLH....superior customer service

    Also GLH has tried to correct wattage lies so if is a 600W, it should be close to 600....that says alot in my book

    Yield......your kinda out on a limb there man.....good luck
  3. Appreciate the input, I am definately leaning towards the GLH. Regarding the yeild, I was just pointing out that I am not expecting heaven from these.

    However they will be my main light supplemented by 2 90w UFOs and about 100w of T5
  4. Good idea....when I get home I'll send you a link to some led comparison grows

  5. Sounds Great,

    In terms of aesthetics, the lumigrow looks great. However, all i care about is size and performance. :devious:

    I read a great review on the lumigrow by calibuz
    Irishboy did a GLH journal and had good results
  6. I have 2 GLH 300W units in my 3' x 5' tent - I don't think you're gonna need supplementary lighting, bro.
  7. Sorry, forgot to add those links

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