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Glenn Beck's Conspiracy

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Orgazmatron, May 14, 2010.

  1. True. What do you think will happen to Beck next time the GOP wins the Presidency?

  2. Well you yourself just said Beck's changed a lot over the years, especially after the economic collapse, as has a lot of Fox and everyone else.

    I would say it depends on the mood of the county, on the voters. With votes comes a demographic. Demographics tell you how to market your product.
  3. Depends who wins it.

    If it's a libertarian type he might do a line of blow on air to celebrate.
  4. Glenn Beck is a batshit crazy, vermin parasite that wants to see this country and everything its accomplished destroyed.
  5. Fear is subjective.

    Besides, it's easier to "wake" people up from their zombie like state's if you scare them. Plus, at the end of the day.... it's entertainment.

    If we DO end up with a libertarian president I think we ALL should do a line of blow to celebrate :)
  6. :hello:

    Moral of the story kids.
  7. Exactly i said in my OP, Glenn Beck actually brings some interesting facts to the table. Thats why i am confused outta my gord.

    My feeling though is that this small group of people is going to finally get what they always wanted....GLOBAL DOMINATION. But the fact of the matter is, thats the end of the line. Once you conquer the world your kinda at a dead end in terms of more power. So what will they do next, try to enslave us? Doubtful. I think these people actually just want to have the title of global dominators so they can stroke their egos. Hopefully having all the money in the world will make them realize how unhappy they truly are.
  8. I listen to Beck a lot because I love talk radio. He is right about some shit and he is wrong about some other shit.

    As far as the NWO is concerned you could have all stopped denying that a long time ago.

    Why do you think that the feds are refusing to close the US borders?

    Some of you are so damned naive that your ass could be on fire and nobody would be able to convince you to put it out. :p

    He is right about Cloward & Piven and the administration.

    However Glenn Beck tried to plead the case that the Washington monument is a Christian monument.

    I nearly shit and fell back in it. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Glenn it's a freaking obelisk for crying out loud. Its a pagan phallic symbol you dolt. :rolleyes:

  9. It seems as if my edited post was deleted, in which I negated that last bit. However, it's true to an extent. It says something about his character.

    He's just simply not on par on an intelligently or logically aspects, with the rest of the lot. It doesn't seem like he's taken very seriously by anyone, including die-hard republicans that I'm familiar with.

    He gains popularity and affection by bashing liberals on nearly all fronts, and constantly criticizing the Obama administration. No matter how outrageous the claim is, he'll bitch about it.

    He's a hypocrite.

    Hospitals Gone Bad.

    "We seem to be a society or a system of health care in this country that is just trying to shove the patient through that door as fast as possible." -Glenn Beck

    "Let me tell you about my personal voyage through the nightmare that is the American health care system" - Glenn Beck

    And of course, 6 months later.

    "What does it mean for the country if we lose are position as the innovator, as having the best health care in the world?" -Glenn Beck

    I'm sure I don't need to post the numerous statements from Beck claiming the American health care system is the health care system.
  10. What exactly do you think the mass media, John Stewart and the gang have been doing for the last 8 years? Why this special focus on Beck? Where was this concern when Bush was president?

    Hes in good company if thats true, but I think Beck is slightly different than the rest. hes open and honest about who he is and what hes doing. The others, not so much. Especially when it comes to guys like John Stewart.
  11. itt conservatives like a conservative "news" head

    I judge people on how they react to Glenn Beck.
  12. friends prevent friends from watching glenn beck
  13. *bump for video support*

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