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    So last night as I was about to go to bed I stubled upon fox news. Glenn Beck had his big chalkboards out and was ranting away. Needless to say.... i had to stay up and watch.

    He had a four or five step process that he referred to the whole time.

    1. Small powerful group of people
    2. Problem or threat to earth
    3. Global government
    4. Collapse of Economy
    5. Redistribution of wealth

    Im not sure if these are the exact components but im pretty sure they are similar.

    Now im sure you have heard conspiracies of the NWO and the Illuminati agenda - a plan to have a one world government.....yadda yadda....socialism.....fascism....NAZI's!

    Well Glenn Beck thinks that the obama admin is trying to collapse the economy in order to redistribute wealth from the rich to the poor. His reasoning is actually sound and the evidence might be there to prove this plan. *I wish i had the link to the video but its too recent*

    However, the whole time Glen Beck was uncovering this mastermind plot I couldnt help but wonder what was so bad about it?

    Maybe that is exactly what we need. Maybe we need a change from capitalism to some

    Im not sure what to think anymore. Please share some of your thoughts if you saw the Glenn Beck show last night or have been following the recent activity of this madman.

    EDIT: Alright guys i finally got the links to his program. One thing i strongly want to preface before you watch these videos - leave everything you know about glenn beck at the door and pay attention to the facts. Please....just look at the facts and make up your own mind.

    Also...keep in mind much of the evidence presented in the video is provided by bloggers who sent it in to glenn beck, he is just the talking head to get it all out.

    Part A - [ame=""]YouTube- Glenn Beck-05/13/10-A[/ame]

    Part B - [ame=""]YouTube- Glenn Beck-05/13/10-B[/ame]

    Part C - [ame=""]YouTube- Glenn Beck-05/13/10-C[/ame]

    Part D - [ame=""]YouTube- Glenn Beck-05/13/10-D[/ame]

    Please, if your going to reply make sure it is about the validity of specific claims he is making. Dont just give generic counterarguements.
  2. That's not Glenn Beck's theory, and I would like to discuss the validity of those claims, but I don't want to waste my time only to have this thread moved to Pandora's Box. :)

    Basically you have to understand one concept when questioning a super centralized global government: power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.
  3. Just ignore Beck, hopefully he'll go away.
  4. Glenn Beck's program last night was specifically designed around redistribution of wealth and global government. Beck's theory is that Obama is leading us towards a global government - he must have said this at least ten times over the course of the show. Now it may not be his orginal idea but he is now supporting the claim.
  5. Yeah, about as bloody likely as Obama going away...

    Regardless of what side of the fence you're on, or who you're rooting for, these problems won't go away overnight, and unfortunately the only thing that scares me more these days are the proposed "solutions", especially given the track record thus far...
  6. All I know is that he must be on to something the way the media unites against him. All the left wing nuts come out to smear and lob insults. Of course, none of them actually try to deny or refute anything he says.

  7. The further devalued the dollar is the closer we are to a global currency. The "elites" have been getting rich off the dollar's destruction for about a century now, and when it falls they will be the ones asked to solve the crisis.

    As one of Obama's campaign advisers, and famed douchebag, Zbigniew Brzezinski said:

    What does that mean to you?

    Who knows what will happen, whether the government will successfully exploit this crisis or not. I don't think they planned on the internet being around to educate us though. Keynesianism is losing steam and a lot of people are starting to realize that fiat currency is purely a tool of the elite.

    I'll have to wait until I see a video or transcript of what Beck said before I can really say if he's right.

    We abandoned capitalism at the turn of the 20th century when we adopted the Federal Reserve, personal income tax, fiat currency & positive rights. The private banking cartel behind the Fed are the same people who want to see a one world government, they are the furthest thing from capitalists.

  8. Dronetek, I don't even know where to begin with this post.

    Are you kidding?

    Surely you are.
  9. Ironically anything Glen Beck says is for the good of that plan.

  10. It's true.

    Of all the talking heads out there he definitely appears to be the closest one to "honest".

    When was the last time you heard Keith Olbermann say "false dichotomy"?

    How do you mean?
  11. Ad hominem attack.

    Attack the content of what he has said. Are the quotes he has cited inaccurate? Are the people he has accused of saying certain things denied such statements? Is he being sued for liable/slander/defamation of character?

    Either the facts he is presenting are factual or unfactual. If they are unfactual demonstrate them so.

    Alternatively you can attack the connections he has made between the facts. But the connections also seem to hold water. As in, the people he accuses of being conspiring together are sitting on the boards of the same corporations, working in the same administration, saying the same thing, using the same excuses when caught, writing books together, etc etc etc. So the connection between the facts also appears to be materially accurate.

    So what, exactly, is it that Glenn Beck is wrong about?

    The facts he presents are factual and not disproven/disputed.

    The connections he makes between the facts are concrete, documented, and accurate.

    The only logical conclusion when you get a bunch of people working together who have stated their goal is to overthrow the united states, redistribute wealth, and institute global governance... is either that all of them are liars, or they are telling the truth.

    If they are liars, then they have spent their entire adult lives lying on the main goal of their entire adult lives. If they are telling the truth then Glenn Beck is right.
  12. Glenn Beck's argument's aren't disputed, because modern politics is far beyond the man's mental grasp. He's never received a post education; he attempted one university class and dropped out after a single year.

    He gains popularity by spewing conspiracy ploys, and attacking as many liberal fronts as possible. This is just my opinion of course, but It's hard not to find his show near laughable. It seems he can get away with anything because he identifies himself as a commenter.
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  14. Let me first be clear that as far as any 'conspiracies' go I really don't give a shit. Redistribution of wealth, one-world government (the only one I support), the lowering of status of the 'white' man, the rising of third-world nations and lowering of previous superpowers, etc. I'm only here for about 60 more years or so, I could care less.

    But Glen Beck is not some mastermind, Fox news is not some saving grace regardless if you agree with it or not. You wont find answers on your TV screen. And its not 'Obama's Plan'.

    It's 'THE Plan'. Greater minds than ours, at work doing things that we probably couldn't fathom. No left, no right, politics is the side-show; the clowns dancing about to keep your mesmerized.

    The media is the mouthpiece. Your television, your computer, your magazines, your newspapers, your blogs and your 'underground' news sources. It's all part of the plan.

    If there is a plan. If there is a plan, then they're all part of it. Everything you hear and see on TV. Especially Beck. Ex:

    Video: Back in Black - Glenn Beck's Nazi Tourette's | The Daily Show | Comedy Central

    The dude is nuts, from my perspective. And then somebody will see this and say 'Liberal propaganda' or 'liberal bias' or some shit, lol, and then I can just point to Glen Beck and say 'conservative propaganda', but its all the same and all fucking pointless.

    I personally don't think there is one. I just think our government is subject to lots of big business dollars and the people of Congress and the President and the SC make short-sighted mistakes in the name of special interest.

    At the state level we deal with normal human incompetence and egotistical bickering. We've been using the same mind for the past, what, two-thousand years? We haven't evolved, we haven't changed, its all the same stupid shit. Just bigger TVs and cars that go farther on the same type of fuel. Cavemen, with baseball hats and machine guns.

    I hope there is something going on that we can't see, because then maybe at the very least something might change.
  15. Although this usually works with most small children and pesky store clerks, I think we should view Beck as more of a virulent disease. We shouldn't ignore it, but treat both the cause and symptoms of this terrible condition of stupidity.
  16. Glen Beck has changed a lot over the years, so I think he's learned something. He attributes his awakening to the economic crisis, as do most Americans that now find themselves to be opposed to big government.

    Beck, for the most part, admits the two parties are identical, so I don't think he's one of the people blaming everything on Obama, and he doesn't play to the left-right thing as much as the other idiots.

    I'm extremely skeptical of Beck, and wondered whether he is allowed to discuss these controversial views so long as he makes them look kooky. Black propaganda.

    I watched the clip and it's just more of the same liberal trashing of a comparatively decent entertainer. I don't think calling the AZ law synonymous to Hitler's "papers please" after the bill was amended to disprove that notion is legit, so I agree with Beck on that. I also agree with Beck that the US brand of authoritarianism is not far off from Nazi socialism.

    If only the economy collapsed in 2005, Beck could have made the Hitler analogies with Bush and been free from liberal scathings.

    As Howard Zinn elaborates more eloquently than Beck could ever put it:
    We now know the answer is no.

    I would only call Beck propaganda because of the way with which he delivers the message; through instilling fear. Other than that, he's more factually accurate than most. I agree with you that he comes off as nuts, but if you actually listen to what he's saying it's not that crazy. (Granted, I only watch him on YouTube clips)

    Liberal propaganda is more often plain lies, like the treatment of this Arizona bill or 'racist teabaggers'.
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    Your evidence and argument amount to a comedy show sketch that has clearly been edited selectively, from a guy who is guilty of everything he accuses beck of?

    Again, you got your perspective from a left wing comedy show that specializes in propaganda. You guys type out these long post and at no time do you even attempt to dispute anything Beck has said. If hes such a raving lunatic, shouldn't it be relatively easy?

    If you were actually concerned about crazy pundits, you would be raging against the plethora of them on MSNBC. Neither you nor John Stewart really seem to care much. Hell, Chrissy Matthews references his show on a regular basis.

  18. Predicted response: "It's not worth my time".

    Predicted counter-response: "But it's worth your time to write a page about how stupid he looks on the Daily Show?"

    Predicted counter-counter-response: "You're racist"

  19. I disputed some of what he said in the video I posted. A lot of the shit he says is absurd. But I don't give a fuck about Glen Beck. His paycheck comes from Rupert Murdoch; what he says is determined by him.

    AZ is the only thing I found debatable, because that is purely perspective. But if he really thought we were turning into Nazi America, he has a perfect opportunity to talk about fears of government becoming authoritarian; AZ is a perfect example. Yet he defends it, which is a commercially 'conservative' thing to do (if you don't live in AZ). He's pandering to his audience.

    But thank you for proving part of my point:

    And Beck is a right wing 'commentary' show. The only difference is the viewer.

    My perspective comes from me. I've watched his show once and seen plenty of clips, some posted by yourself, and my opinion stands. My sense of logic and reason aligns more with Stewart.

    If there really is a conspiracy between a few group of people powerful enough to invert the world economy and completely change the world despite the high chance of revolt, you won't hear about it on the most popular news network in the country which panders to the opposing political party of the current one in power.

    Fox makes money from the viewers. Just like everybody else. Glen Beck falls under the umbrella of 'useful-idiot' to the all-powerful, just like you and me fall under that umbrella to the media, dig?

    And I would say propaganda is propaganda relative to individual perception. If there is an all-encompassing conspiracy then all media is propaganda to me, regardless of who I agree with.

  20. So, if he had a college degree in communications or underwater basketweaving he would be taken seriously?

    I just want to make sure I understand your claim.

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