Glenn Beck murders frog on live tv with boiling water

Discussion in 'General' started by Tits or GTFO, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. [ame=]YouTube - Glenn Beck Throws A Frog Into Boiling Water?[/ame]
  2. I am so high.

    What the fuck.

    Did he actually do that? Was that real?
  3. Sure it wasn't fake?
  4. hahahahahahahahah

    jesus did they test that theory out at all???!!!
  5. Oh my goshhhhh something glenn beck said turned out not to be true?!?!?!?

    that frog was probably thinking "i'd rather not jump out and die then prove this douche right"

    great post
  6. I couldn't care less about the frog, but Glenn Beck is an insult to tv reporting
  7. there was no frog in his hand
  8. what a retard. lol throwing a frog in boiling water
  9. if it was real than thats fucked up.. if it was fake, its still kinda fucked up. i didnt laugh or anything. so what would the point of faking it be?
  10. Okay, so it's Myth Busters gone retarded.. Featuring none other than Glenn Beck.
  11. He didn't throw a frog into boiling water, there is no way that would be allowed, he and the station would be sued so hardcore and brought up on animal cruelty charges, and probably get smacked with an insane fine from the FCC.
  12. I honestly have "Deep seeded hatred" for gleen beck...
  13. It was a fake frog, he said it right after the clip ended.
  14. ..It's like his the conservative's Stephen Colbert,but not funny...
  15. I get the feeling that the only reason Glenn Beck is still on TV is because so many people will tune in just to see what stupid thing he'll do/say next. :hide:
  16. this.

    and if you actually watch the video, there's no frog in his hand when he tries to grabs one from the cage, and when he opens it up over the pot of boiling water, nothing drops in.
  17. ??He didn't throw anything.
  18. Dude that was funny... I love animals but the look on his face was priceless...

  19. that look of douchness IS "priceless".they should stop paying to do it ALL the Time..
    seeing that he lacks a price,his worthless.

  20. Do you hate Keith Olbermann too?

    Or are you just brainwashed?

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