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  1. So I watched the first episode and was impressed. I enjoyed the music, the story, even the acting. So I watched the second and third and I have to's really gay. and I don't mean to be derogitory, it's like how house of pain is "black", glee is "gay." I'd watch it with a girlfriend if she was 8+. Thoughts?
  2. It's really not a bad show. I'm on the 4th episode, so far so good. The cheerleader's performance of 'Say A Little Prayer' was one of the most sexiest things I've ever seen.
  3. AGREED!!! I watched it like 5 times.
  4. i really like it. but so do my gay friends. it's definitely for women and gays. but it's pretty good. they sing mash-ups in the most recent episode and i loved it.

    if you keep watching, there's a lot of not-so-loyal relationship things, so maybe not the best to watch with a girlfriend. she might get some ideas in her head.

    still, i am impressed with fox network with glee.
  5. Totally agree.

    Saw the first episode, great! After that, it was a homo show.

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