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  1. How's it going blades. Now I think I have Glaucoma. I've been feeling pressure on my eyes as well as head aches and some blurriness. I'm kinda worried because I heard it heredity and my father has it. I have heard that marijuana is a cure for it and is widely accepted by the mmj community as a illness that can bs treated by marijuana. My question to you is how effective is marijuana in treating it?
  2. For some it's a tremendous help, for others not so much. But it's for damn sure more affective than doing nothing haha.
  3. The only way to tell is for an eye doc to run a simple test to see what the pressure is in each eye.

    One bit of news you should know, Canabis DOES NOT CURE GLAUCOMA. It keeps the pressure down but doesn't cure it and it doesn't work on all forms of glaucoma.

    See the Doc.

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