Glassware Adaptability Question Between Bubblers, Oil Rigs, Concentrates etc.

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  1. Hey fellow 420 mates!
    Hope everyone is feeling good tonight.  If you are not feeling okay, find somebody, a friend, relative and ask them for a little "bud"dy help.
    I have a question for the forum.  I am an old school kinda guy from the 60's, the hippie era, love-ins, easy love and great herb.  I had never heard of things like "shatter", BHO, Oils, concentrates etc.  I only smoked regular bud.  Things have changed so much with regards the quality and variety of this wonderful plant, but the technologies that are emerging on how to refine this cannabis down to it' most powerful THC molecules.  I have never seen so many excellent varieties of cannabis!!!
    Anyway with these concentrates, shatters, oils etc, comes the need for the specific glassware needed to use this variation.  I see so many excellent looking glass pieces for sale but they say, vapor, or Oil Rig, or for concentrates.
    Can I purchase a waterpipe set up these other types of cannabis and use it for smoking regular bud?  I only smoke leafy and not this other stuff but I like some of the glassware set up for oils etc. but I would like to modify them for reg bud. Can these pieces be modified for other cannabis uses with a bowl and downstem?
    Thanks for you help.
    Semper Fi

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    Yes they can. Figure out if the piece's joint is male or female,
    Next step figure out the joint mm. Ex:14mm (usually for little concentrate rigs)
    Last buy the bowl for it that is opposite gender. Male joint, female bowl. Think of sex. (Female bowl covers the male joint) Now you can smokey-smokey.

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