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    lol? this is a joke, right? as if im the one who was trying to start shit.

    And yes, I've been talking with Angie for some time now thru email(or did you forget the part where I said stated I was ordering one?), and that picture does not look like the picture she sent me of the lowered bub, thus the assumption. So quit bithin, and chill out. Not to mention you're over here acting like you blew the damn thing saying "im sure you're not talking to me or the artist" and "how bout askin me before you run your lips"
    Son- i couldn't give a shit about your damn bubbler. And the fact you think you need to be on the same echelon as the blower.. lol@u.

    and if it's irrelevant? the whole thing this is started over; why the fuck did you even bother, bro? like really?
  2. lol@this thread

    op no matter which you go with I'm sure you'll love it
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    calm down kid. no need to act 12 online. "bro like really?" i wont lie i lold at that, calm yourself tough guy behind a computer screen. you probly wont even be getting your bubb for months kid, im #2 im not sure who number 1 is but there lucky haha

  4. ajaja Finally sumone mature!!! +rep hope u guys njoy ur bubbs! sick shit!!!
  5. bahahaha, maturity is being brought into this now-

    Anyway. /thread.

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