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  1. Im having a toss up between ordering a 12 hole/dropped waffle bub for $105, or Dropped Inline-gridded bub (standard has 6-8 openings) for $88

    any help/ tips??
  2. I prefer the inline myself...but I've seen video of both in action.
  3. I can't wait to see the gmd inline and gmd circ in action

  4. of the dropped waffle?

    and can you post the link for the inline?

    hmmm seems I may be going with the inline, with the mini bub, would it be possible to custom order it taller? or hell, would he be able to make it into a tube?
  5. i havent seen the inline, but im gonna go with the circ i think, im #2 :smoke:
  6. what are you gunna be smoking?

    i LOVE my waffle

  7. i wish there was a milk of the circ, im debating whether to get the lowered waffle or the circ, good thing i got a month to decide ahah

  8. yeahh yea thats what made me want to get it, forsho homie good looks. if i smoke mainly just bud what would you recommend?

  9. in all HONESTY i would tell you to go with the lowered waffle, i have it and LOVE IT and it looks super EPIC...hope u have seen my threads on it
  10. hmmm i have, and thats whats making me side more with the waffle, plus for the price you cant go wrong vs a 300 dollar sgw, im sure theres a lot of differences between the two but you get what im saying. Thanks for your opinion g, might have just helped me to decide, def getting a showerhead from them and a couple bowls for my tube aswell :smoke:
  11. welcome man....pshhhh go with the waffle JAJAJA
  12. Yeah, go with the waffle. I want one so badly!
  13. so now im a little confused, angelica sent me a message asking if i wanted a male or female fitting on my peice? theres no downstem on the bubbler, so i dont fully understand what she means, can someone help me to better understand? thanks guys:smoke:
  14. male fitting is for a vape or oil thing and the female fitting is for smoking bowls. which do u do?

  15. just bowls mostly, hard to purchase most concentrates atm. thanks for clearing that up for me i appreciate your help! :)
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    Put in my order for a 14 inch 12 hole lowered waffle perc.

    im adding the 4 inches to the can section (originally 10 inches), along with ordering a personal ice pinch slide, and a party ice pinch slide.


    i cant wait.

    [ame=]YouTube - OGW/GMD 10" Mini Stemless Waffle Bubbler[/ame]

    the vid .

  17. sorry 2 insult your intelligence but how bout asking me before you run your lips?
    it is lowered and indeed has 12 holes
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    insult my intelligence? you need to chill tha fuck out on the internet there big boy. go change ya 'pon.

    why didn't I ask? because you didn't post it in the title you stupid fuck. Dont be coming at me like that outta nowhere. And ill change my post

    [Name calling doesn't fly here. -FW]

  19. Wow i never said an insult, and you come at me harrassing me...anyway i didnt post it because its irrelevant...what gives u the right 2 make an assumption u dont own or even handled? and im also sure asked me or the Artist?

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