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    I posted not to long ago about the wooden vaporgenie. While I love the thing a lot of people said it tastes like poo. I thought they were crazy at the time, but I've learned a few things. First if you touch the sides of the pipes with your lighter your flame will produce crap, cause its then not all being burned. If you touch the sides you can taste this, and I believe this has a lot to do with people getting that lighter taste. See the fire is no longer completely burning the butane cause its flickering and... Well here this can explain it better.

    "Completely burning butane produces essentially only carbon dioxide and water vapor, which are harmless. Other compounds are created in trace amounts (partially combusted hydrocarbons, NOx, etc). Lighter exhaust is invisible, which is an indication that it contains little soot. Butane lighters burn quite clean, provided that the flame is undisturbed (i.e. not flickering or touching the filter). A flickering flame, or a flame that is touching the sides of the intake will produce undesirable unburned hydrocarbons. Consequently, technique affects the cleanliness of the vapor. However, even sloppy use of the VaporGenie will not produce nearly as much toxic material as found in smoke."

    I believe the biggest factor is the nasty taste however is the fact that the pipe is wood. While its possible to prevent it. Once you burn your bud ( the only time I burned anything in mine is when I had packed it by mistake, packing causes it to burn. The one time has not affected the taste in the long term. ) a couple times, or if somebody were to smoke anything out of it. Then its going to taste pretty bad from then on sadly and you won't be able to get the flavor out seeing as how its wood. Then you have that bleh nasty taste people speak about with the vaporgenie. The answer? Besides the more pricy sherlock, is the glass bat vaporgenie for only ten bucks more then the wooden one.

    This thing is awesome. I can clean the entire inside easily, and it tastes so awesome. While it would be possible to break it, of course. Its pretty thick. The only bad thing really is I have to point it up tilting my head back to vape that last little bit, but, I'm happy.

    Anyways I don't mean to make this sound so much like a add for the glass vaporgenie but I love this thing and don't see any discussion on it. So I'm trying to spark some convo. :smoking: I'm also very vaped.
  2. Nothin' like a glass vapor path.
  3. Never use a lighter use hempwick I bought 200ft from amazon for like 15$ and it tastes wayyyy better
  4. I've often wondered how it would taste using a hemp wick. I'll have to try that out sometime = ).

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