Glass turtle bowl i got for free.

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  1. My boy left it at my house one night, my sister ended up finding it and took it for about a week and he got pissed. Next weekend she gives it back, i have it for a night, and the next morning i text him saying "yo i got your turtle back", he's like i'm on my way over". He gets here and were about to smoke, i'm like heres your turtle before, and hes like nah man, keep it. Free shit is amazing :D

    The mouth piece is the mouth or head of the turtle. And the carb is the asshole lol. Bowlhead is on top of shell.
    If anyone thinks it looks like something else other than a turtle, please put it in your reply. :D

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  2. cute little turtle, cool free little piece, i got an elephant thats sort of similar.
  3. That pipe looks cool as shit. It being free makes it even better.
  4. Saw the title, had to see it, glad i did. THat things awesome!
  5. put the shit in his ass and smoke it.
  6. [quote name='"noviceGrower420"']put the shit in his ass and smoke it.[/quote]

    I dont understand......
    The asshole is the carb
    But i have thought about packing a full bowl of one strain, and then sticking either a blunt or joint in its ass and procede to smoke both at same time
    Ftw smoke pot :D
  7. hack - e - sack!
  8. [quote name='"its_420"']hack - e - sack![/quote]

    Stoner sport (;

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