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    Hey GC.
    Recently, I broke the bowl to my bong. It happened while I was at my Aunt's house, and luckily my cousin had a spare bowl. Her spare bowl had this glass stopper inside of it. This stopper was covering the hole- the ginormous hole that is.
    Anyways, I have never heard or seen of this stopper in my life. Apparently, in my cousin's words, you keep the stopper in the bowl when you smoke. Although the entire hole is covered, the bong still pulls absolutely fine when you're pulling air.
    Anyways, using the bong with the stopper in the bowl seemed sketchy to me. But I had no choice. The hole in this bowl is just huge. You would need large chunks of bud or a mountain of shake to successfully pack ground weed in this bowl.
    So I smoke with this glass stopper in the bowl and all works fine. After a few uses, I do find the bongs hit me much less. It's just not as harsh. I don't know exactly why, but it clearly has something to do with this stopper. I'm not sure if at the same time, I'm getting less high... I don't know. After a bowl, there are always tiny pieces if weed under the stopper. Nothing substantial, when your brush it away it practically crumbles to ash.
    I was merely wondering if anybody has ever heard of smoking with a glass stopper in the bowl. Upon conducting research online, I hardly found anything. I just found rubber and glass plugs (or stoppers) that are used when cleaning your piece. My best guess is that this glass stopper that I'm using is really meant for cleaning your bowl- and not for smoking with. But maybe I'm wrong. But at the same time, why would it work so well if it wasn't meant for smoking with? I don't know. I may need to invest in a new bowl soon as I am that poor.
    Here are some pictures:
    NOTE: When I got the stopper from my cousin it was extremely caked in grunge. Just resin and grunge hardened around the entire perimeter of the stopper. That is why it looks all black. It is in fact glass. I tried cleaning it, but the resin... boy is it ever caked on.


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  2. That's a glass screen blade..
  3. yep, a glass screen. jack style and daisy style are some popular ones, also honey comb glass screens have been popping up in LHS.
  4. What they said ^^^ it's a glass screen, your cousin was right, you smoke with it in the bowl.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity F
  5. Awesome thanks guys.
    I've only heard of glass screens, and they were described to me as having holes in the screen like any other screen. This one's a bit different though, as there are no holes.
    Thanks for the clear-up everybody.

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