Glass Smoking Disc

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    Check it out GC:

    I just picked up this really quality Smoking Stone/Disk from my boys over at East West! The glass is nice and thick, and changing sick colors already.

    Had a small hairline crack on the top so i copped it for 5 bucks!!:smoke:



    The backside. I love to watch the smoke swirl in there!


  2. Nvm its there now

    What is that and how does it work and can you post more pics:confused:

  3. How bout now?
  4. I see it. That's definitely a nice piece. The work is clean but clean that thing! :eek:

    :p But forreal, that's kinda grimey.
  5. Yeah that pic was taken aften only like 3 bowl packs, believe it or not. Best part is that its a breeze to clean:D
  6. Looks like it.

    I'd recommend getting a bottle of Grunge Off and soaking that thing daily. It'll stay cleaner than new 24/7, it's re-usable, and all you do is soak it. No shaking or scrubbing required.

    You can use it for all of your other pieces, too. :D

    Just a friendly tip...

  7. Good to know. Im a Simple Green type of guy myself. :cool:

  8. fuck yea!!! Simple green!!!!!

  9. Additional Pics Added.

    This is a Smoking Disc. The bowl is the extruding tip. The mouthpiece is on the opposite end.
  10. Thats a really sick piece. I love all the colors and the mettalic stripe through it. Do you put a joint clip in it or pack it like a regular bowl?

  11. That's a weird little smoking device you got there nice pickup five bucks its a steal

  12. Both, but I prefer packing it like a one hitter:smoke:
  13. Never seen a piece like that before. Looks pretty cool though haha :cool:

  14. Does it have a carb or do you use it like a chillum?:confused:
  15. Nah dude, you light one end, and it pull through the other. Then pass it to the left while its cherried, haha:smoke:
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    A little update, the colors have come in very nicely. It looks like a different piece now! Check out the new pics in the OP :cool:
  17. NICE color change! i didnt even know glass can change colors like that

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