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Glass screens!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by deathdefyer, Mar 26, 2003.

  1. Wow, what a concept! i swear ive already seen this website... IN MY BRAIN!!!! Bout time i stumbled onto it on the net! Anyways -- To all my future friends I meet here - save me a bowl!

    So I'm smoking in the bathroom at work (god bless vents!) and I just got this really nifty pyramid shaped thing... a glass screen!
    I pop it in the bowl and pack some bud on top...
    *puff puff*
    All gone!
    OH SHIT! The screen fell out and onto the floor and now its broken! I hate my life *sigh*....

    So the question is: where can I get another one of these things?
    I'd go to a headshop but I don't live near one... I'm looking for something online. Anyone have any clues? If you help me find one and I ever meet you, well... youll just be really really stoned by the end of the night. ;-)

    Thanks guys,


    Yes! I like to talk about pot! ----> SpinFaKtor (AIM)
  2. I never heard of them....but Welcome to the city!!!!
  3. My local headshop has them. They have a lifetime garuntee on them too. It specifically says if you bought one and it ever broke you bring it back for a new one.
  4. quite possably the bestest first post ever!

    thnx dude, u totally opened my eyes to something i didnt know even existed, and, something i REALLY gotta try now.
  5. glass screeen?!? sounds verry interesting and warrants further investigation...
  6. I do not use screens in glass bowls
  8. You mean the screen Itself is made of glass? sounds cool.:)
  9. Haha, hey stoner815, you sound mad man =D I dont use screen in glass bowls either, but you gotta try a glass screen, its not like meshed metal or something cheap, i highly (im high) suggest you give one a try, NO MORE SCOOBIE SNACKS FROM YOUR PIPE! It's great! =D

    yet the search continues..... no ones found em online yet?

    Yo max, how much they run at that shop? and where is it? maybe if i cant get them to do a mail order thing, i could send you some cash and you could toss one REALLY REALLY far and i might catch over here in northern cali? lemme know, i just sucked a fat wad of ash through and its... well... its the experience that makes the smoke
  10. Remember the game Jax or whatever it is called where you bounce the ball and pick up those weird lookin things? Its like that but a lot smaller and glass
  11. so i guess thats a no on the whole lobbing of a glass screen, yes? OK WHO LIKES TRON? THERES A SEQUEL COMIN OUT! BOYCOTT DISNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =P

    *TwITcH* I need a glass screen!!!! *TWItCH*
  12. I saw one of these screens for the first time the other day. Pretty cool concept, but I'd rather just not use a screen at all and just shove a chunk of bud down there first. Just don't toke to hard on that last hit. Mouthfuls of ash suck.

    Seems like the glass thing would be kind of a pain though. You'd have to fish it out everytime you dumped out the ash, and be careful not to drop it.
  13. Welcome to the city BTW !!

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