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Glass screen question...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by poker2, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Do you just throw it in the bowl or is there a certain way it goes in?
    You can use them as long as you want, or until they break right?(just clean em)
    Mine look like that:

    Attached Files:

  2. Seamines! I haven't seen those in a while.

    If there is one stem that is slightly longer than the rest, I would assume that the longer end would go in the hole of your bowl...if not, then just pick one.

    FYI: be careful when you tap out your bowl, especially if you're smoking outside! The first couple times you use it, the screen will likely fall out with your ash.
  3. As an example, you would put the clear spike from the top right screen going down into the bowl. The three blue prongs would be holding it up from going down the stem.

    Same thing applies to all of them, the top right one is just the clearest to see the difference.

  4. Thanks, I'm usually in the washroom with the bong so the sink is what I have to watch out for... lol - guess I can run water slowly and dump it in a cloth in the sink? :p, lmao I'm :smoke: :)

    Alright thanks! That was helpful. Clear part down, okay. I got a pack of like 25 for $5 :p

  5. I use these kinds of screens all the time. I don't have to worry about the metalic taste of metal screens and I don't suck scooby snacks. Just drop any prong in the hole in your bowl (lol it rhymes) and fill with herb. As someone said above me, it will probably fall out the first couple times you ash after using it. Just ash into your hand, pick the screen out and rinse or blow the remaining ash off your hand. Good luck! :smoke:

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