Glass rod/wand & torch method, questions.

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  1. So I bought a cheap torch at a hardware store then I had a local blower make me a wand. I'm wondering if the glass melts at all? The area I'm torching on the wand is getting a little rough and I'm not sure if this is normal. Don't want to inhale glass?? Doesn't seem likely but I don't know how this works.

    Also the wand was cracked when I got it home and I'm thinking maybe we didn't let it cool enough after he made it? He put a large semi round drop on one end and a small handle on the other. The drop (already cracked in half) fell apart the first time I torched

    To sum it all up: Does the glass melt at all? and How should I have the next wand made? I'm assuming it broke because he rushed making it or let me take it home too soon?

  2. im pretty sure it depends on the type of glass used. did u tell the blower what it was going to be used for? in my experience ive never seen the glass change or get rough on one of those. but then again i havnt used them much.. good luck
  3. At the temperature the torch heats the glass it wont melt or release fumes.

    Was the wand 100% clear? or did it have color? did you watch him make it? But glass cracks, its a bummer
  4. If it's borosilicate and you only have propane it's barely gonna get hot enough to melt. What are you trying to make. Do you have and tools to work with and shape your glass?
  5. we had a couple made for us and after a lot of use they start to get a lil rough...i think its from getting it glowing red and buring the flowers down to ashes than to the screen...i see screen lines on the glass sometimes when i get it too hot and dont spin it around in the bowl....but thats only once in a while,
    but idk:rolleyes: it shouldnt melt tho

  6. id read the the post before commenting
  7. I already cracked a wand by heating it too fast with the torch...maybe make sure you heat it up slowly?
  8. He knew what it was going to be used for.

    Its not totally clear, has that off color reflective metallic look. Hard to describe but it was clear before he worked with it. I stood there while he made it, it was still kinda hot when he gave it to me.

    Whats the best design and glass for a wand?
  9. It was actually cracked before I used it the first time so that didn't happen from heating it too quickly.
  10. if he just 'made' it without putting it through a kiln it will never last.
  11. a 100% clear one and to have it annealed. if it had a crack when you got it then theres the problem, he probly cooled it too fast

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