Glass Repair North Jersey/NYC

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  1. Anyone know of anyone glass workers that are reliable in the North NJ/NYC area?
    I broke the 14.5 joint off my 14.5 to 18.8 precooler and it would be a shame if I just had to throw it out.
    I also got a carbon filter adapter with the 14.5 part broken off, but I do not mind buying another carbon filter if it is too much of a hassle to fix/not worth fixing.

    Link: imgur: the simple image sharer

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Curious about this too, have a similar break on a bubbler of mine.
  3. Well, I knew nothing about glass working before all of this, so I guess this is good for me. It is a relatively simple fix compared to other jobs. It only should take around $3 of supplies and 5 minutes of a glassworker's time. I am going to see someone 40 minutes away from me tomorrow. He better not overcharge!

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