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Glass pipes on airplane

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Dankblunts, May 28, 2010.

  1. Im going to san diego somewhat soon and planned on picking up a new pipe or bubbler when i go and was wondering if its illegal to bring an unused glass pipe back through the airport without any problems
  2. its very legal to bring glass pipes on a plane, the only reason they would have for confiscation is if it had THC resin in it.

    i know a guy who brought like 13 pipes to hawaii in his bag, they were all dirty with tobacco resin, no one cared.

    edit: i would make sure it was clean
  3. Yes its legal to have pipes if there is no thc in it...if it wasent legal to have a pipe they wouldent sale them.
  4. alright thank you. i would like this to be discreet though so they wouldnt ask me to take it out of my bag would they?

  5. Yea, it's pretty possible that they might ask you to take it out, it won't matter if they do though because its legal to have. However, if you're bringing a pipe I would not try to sneak any bud onto the plane, I'm sure they'll be giving you a good eye if they see a pipe in your bags.

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