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glass pipes change color?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Darkshade, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. I hear about these special color changing pipes but i also heard that every pipe will change color over time. is this true?
  2. Yes and no. Pipes change color mainly because resin collect sthe more you smoke with it and that coat of resin is what causes the color change. But once you clean your pipe thoroughly that goes away
  3. It happens with all glass pipes. Resin builds up and darkens the colors of the glass. I've had mine for just under 2 months and already seen substantial change in the color of it.
  4. Ok thanks!
  5. No no a glass color changing pipe changes color when it is full of smoke.
    Mine goes from a pearlish color to a light blue when is full of smoke.
    But yeah when it gets full of resin it turns brown.
    I actually need to clean my bowl tonight

  6. It just has a white background to reflect the colors off of better when it's full of smoke.

    Likewise, when it's coated with resin the colors will appear different, as well.

    A color changing piece will appear to be a different color once it is covered in resin.

    A piece that is completely clear, however, is only going to look more brown once it's filled with resin. So I guess that's a "color change" but not the type you're after. :p
  7. they all change colors but some change colors in different ways.. in my opinion the ones that are really color changing are the best looking ones, the sexiest.

    some turn juss black inside so if you have a clear glass piece with sum colored swirls and whatnot it will turn from clear and swirls to black and swirls.

    but some are translucent where they really do change colors.. lyk at first it may be juss slight colored or a hint of a color or hue and then it turns to a completely different bowl. lol i had one of these till it died. stood up after a sesh and forgot it was on my lap.

    just ask the clerk if its the color changing ones.. and juss put it to a black shirt or cloth and you will see a lil bit of the finished product.. it will take time to develop so juss sm0k up!!

  8. and i dont know if that is what he is talkin about.. but that is with all glass bowls..
    you see the smoke action within its really cool.. you see the sm0k swirl around and fill up then when you let go of the carb..poof! it all goes into ur mouth.. haha
    but as a matter of fact the longer you let the res build, it turns more into black.. yours juss havent been as developed yet..lol you probably clean it more often
  9. yeh Ive used it proably around 35-45 times and have to clean it.
    But tonight is a definite cleaning night
  10. so even after like 4 years of using the same pipe, after one REALLY GOOD clean it will look exactly the same? bummer

  11. Exactly the same as when you bought it, yeah, that's the idea. :p

    That's the cool part though. You get to smoke out of it a bunch, watch it slowly change to a different color, and then you clean it and it's like a whole new piece again. ;)
  12. i donno i kinda like the idea of seeing it permentaly age and grow as i do. kinda like the rings on a tree stump idea, i dont know if anyone knows what the fuck im talking about!

  13. I get it, and that's almost how it works... but it can't just keep changing. At some point the pipe is going to reach its limit as far as resin goes, and you gotta clean it or it's gonna get clogged.
    Trust me though, it'll be fun when it's been totally resinated for a while and you clean it and it looks all shiny and different again. :p It's neat. :cool:
  14. kk! im looking forward to that day! +rep for all ur help
  15. No problem at all. Have fun, dude. :smoke:
  16. Ive got one, Its orange w/ a blue tint. And the more resin that builds the darker blue it gets. Its pretty cool.
  17. Not all pipes are "color changing". Color changing glass is fumed with a special coating that changes the reflected color when it gets covered with something like resin.

    A regular pipe becoming black from resin is not a color changing glass pipe. It needs a special fuming, and the color change is very noticeable, here I got some photos from another GC thread:







    Thats what CCG does. When it resinates it changes to a deep purple/blue hue. If you clean the pipe, it goes back to the original colors.

    Whoever said all glass is color changing when its resinated is wrong, its a specific fuming applied to the inside of the pipe, which costs the glassmaker extra money.
  18. dood mines like clear and has tiny spirals and when i smoke it turns greenish yellow then it turns green then blue then purple and never seen it change color but i just did it get like 3 days ago lol and btw mines a bubbler :D
  19. ok so final verdict, not all glass pipes change color, only CCG does. Correct???

  20. Correct. :cool:

    A clear piece will kind of change color, but only from clear to brown. ;)

    Color Changing Glass pieces will have a noticeable change in the color.

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