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  1. i got a standard sherlock bubbler.
    i was on another thread and someone mentioned "glass screens"

    now normal pipe screens arent class, so what are these?

    also, are there bubbler attachments?
  2. i think that person might have been me but it great to have a glass screen with bubblers it allows you to puff harder without worries of clogin it but with dry pieces its not really nessessary or helpful as it would be with a bong or bubbler
  3. got a pic of one?
  4. They look like a star usually. Most people say they aren't worth it, but i have yet to pay for one and i still don't even use them. I'd rather just break off a nug and put it at the bottom of the bowl and put my ground up bud on top of that.

  5. their only a dollar or 2 works greats i would recomend one especially for a bubbler just try one its worth it no more chunks of weed going into the watter everything burns until its all ash and it helps keep your bubbler and water cleaner
  6. wow.. i've never seen those ever..

    i kinda wanna see how they work lol
  7. just place it in the bowl then put your weed then blaze then once its all ash blow the ash then load another bowl dont even have to touch the screen or ever buy another one unless you lose it
  8. Oh i saw them for a lot cheaper online like 10 for $1.50 or something like that. IMO, i still like packing a bowl without it, except for some of the bowls i have for my bong where it seems like its almost required to not lose any bud. But i also have two ashcatchers so my bong stays pretty clean :D, my bubbler is another story however lol.
  9. Glass screens are awesome. EVERY routine smoker MUST have at least a few[just in case]. My favorite are the daisies, they look like little flowers. They ones that look like a jack dont work AT ALL. They make it worse. A glass 'flower' screen will work in ANY bowl of whatever size. It definatly adds a good drag. I know you must be thinking "WTF, drag is a bad thing" but here it will help so it doesnt fill the chamber too quickly and become hot. Also prevents virtyally all of the ash and unburnt bits of weed from falling through, after just a few uses.
  10. break a bottle in a bag, use glass shard in bowl as glass screen voila
  11. Smokers Plaza :: Glass Screen

    These are the daisies (flowers) they fit perfect in a standard 7/8 - 1" glass stem/bowl. The daisies are 1/4" wide (measured across from petal to petal).
    The local shop runs out of them all the time. These are a good price and I bought 14 bucks worth.
    I own (6) 12" glass bongs. I like to keep a handfull of daisies soaking in a shallow screw jar of 91% alcohol. This way I can air-gap heat (holding the flame above the bowl) the MJ, 415-degrees, not see any smoke really, and hold-in a sweet vapor hit. Sort of like a Vaporizer.
    Then I can change the existing bowl, with herb still left in it, to a fresh bong and not get a stale hit on the remnants.
    My name is Hydra-Glide (1957 Panhead), but it should be MedMizer. I use 1 oz. every 45 days and have about 5-8 pipe loads a day. There is no state, like an MJ - OK state. We like it like that.

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